My biggest fear

I was a girl afraid of talking to boys because
They always broke me or bullied me but on a day
I met justin and he was the greatest guy in the world
I was falling in love but with a big fear that he would break my heart


3. scars


he kissed me and told me how he felt. i only knew him for a few hours and from the TV but what if he was just another jerk who would break my heart. what are you thinking of sweetie ?Justin said with his sweet voice.

me - i just don't want to be hurt again Justin. i started crying. 

Justin- sweetie don't cry i promise i wont hurt you.

he gave me a hug and for a moment i felt safe but then i looked at my scars i still hated myself for the fact that i sometimes cut because i'm a little depressed  of all the things that happened to me. Justin saw me looking to my wrist and before he could see the scars i hide them nobody ever had to know why i had these.


i walked home crying after my now ex- boyfriend Jason  dumped me and told all my secrets to everyone he knew. i stopped and sat down in the grass to think and cry  when i felt strong arms around me i  started screaming let go of me!!  i tried to turn around and see the face of the person who was holding me it was Colin a boy from school and a friend of  Jason. Collin let me go!! 

Colin - no babe i cant do that you are coming with me.

me- why ?? i was a little scared.

Colin - you will see.....

i felt that someone hit me and everything went black... when i woke up i was in a dark room somewhere in the woods because i saw a lot of trees outside the window

Colin - so look who is awake... i looked to him and saw another person it was Chris Colin's  best friend.

Chris - our little princess 

me - don't call me that!!! what do you even want from me ??

Colin - if you really want to know we will let you see

Colin came closer and started to kiss me i tried to push him away but Chris started to help him by holding me in his arms. when Colin stopped kissing me i screamed let me go you asshole !! so know you deserve a punishment for calling me that i  felt that Chris hit me again and again everything went black. i woke up in a different room on a king sized bed there was only one problem i was completely naked and bleeding. Colin came in and i tried to cover my body when i realized my hands were tied together. 

Colin- don't try to hide it we already saw everything. he laughed hard and threw some clothes on me and made my hands free 

Colin - get dressed up and you can go home but remember tell nobody ever what happened if you tell anyone we will come after you.

me - what did you done to me ?? but then i knew what they had done i was no longer a virgin

when i was completely dressed up i ran away to my house crying  as soon as i got home i ran to the bathroom picked a razor and started cutting . 

*end flashback*

i started crying and Justin gave me another hug

Justin - tell me sweetie what's wrong you can trust me.

i started crying harder and ran to the bathroom locked the door and searched for a razor when i found it i thought this has to end i don't want to live anymore..... i looked one last time to it when i heard Justin but he was to late i thought.....













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