My biggest fear

I was a girl afraid of talking to boys because
They always broke me or bullied me but on a day
I met justin and he was the greatest guy in the world
I was falling in love but with a big fear that he would break my heart


12. i'll do anything to save justin

isabel's p.o.v


Isabel- Chris can i talk to you for a moment alone?


i was scared but i had to save Justin.


Chris - okay come with me


i tried to walk but i fell it hurt so much Chris picked me up and walked me to the door.


Justin - Don't hurt her please !!


Chris - i won't promise anything


we were now in another room he putt me on a couch.


Chris - say what you have to say.


Isabel - if you let Justin go i will do anything for you i won't fight against you and i promise i will be a good girl if you please let him go.


Chris p.o.v


she said that with tears in her eyes how sweet but i got a plan i will tell her Justin can go home but I will just Lock him up in the other basement cause the little pop star could give me a lot of money and she would give and do anything I wanted so its a win win for me


Chris - okay I will let him go If you keep your promise


Isabel's p.o.v


Isabel - I promise

I knew what I did to myself but if he let Justin go I would do anything


We walked back to Justin and I looked into his eyes


Chris- I let you go because she promised me she would do anything for me if I let you go so hug each other kiss or something and say good bye


Justin - why I don't want to leave you here


Isabel - Justin it's better


I have him a hug and he kissed me we kissed like 3 minutes when Chris broke us apart


He walked to Justin and I sat down so tired I could sleep forever .


Justin p.o.v


I couldn't let her do this but I had no choice if I didn't go what would happen I started crying." I can't let you go" I whispered when I walked out.

Chris bought me to a door this wasn't the front door


Chris - she thinks I let you go but I keep you here so it's win win for me I can do with her what I want and you can all hear it ......


Justin - no you can't do that


Chris -watch me !!


And with that everything went black.......

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