My biggest fear

I was a girl afraid of talking to boys because
They always broke me or bullied me but on a day
I met justin and he was the greatest guy in the world
I was falling in love but with a big fear that he would break my heart


8. bad things return


for my bff : if you read this i think i should put some Taylor Lautner in this story what do you readers think let me know please comment . if you have ideas for the story also comment thnx -xoxoxox-


Isabel's P.O.V

did you miss me princess i heard him say.

"no" just leave me alone you freaking idiot. i want to go to Justin!! 

c- no you will be coming with me because you told him what happened and you know what that means to you right.

I - please please let me go!! *i started crying* i was really scared but i didn't want to show him that. i just knew he would do something terrible to me.

c- no you come with me the easy way or the hard way you can choose.

i knew i could't stop him so why would i go the hard way cause he would hurt me so i just nodded and let him take me to his car.

c- good girl 

we drove right to the whole city and ended up in the woods. in front of me i saw an old house this was the same house as the first time were he he raped me *i started crying*. i was feeling so scared and Chris noticed because he started laughing.

 C-don't be so scared and stop crying you just have to do what i say and you wont get hurt do you understand?

I - okay i will .

i was still scared but as long as i listen to him he wont hurt me.

Justin's p.o.v

i was already  waiting an hour for Isabel and she still wasn't here i started to worry and decided to go looking for her. i walked to the V.I.P area and asked the security if they had seen Isabel the man his answer got me in a shock he said she walked away crying with another boy. i was so done so i sent her the message its over and i shut my phone down.........



willl it be alright i hope so 


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