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4. Nanda


You and your boyfriend Louis were going through a rough patch, so you turned to one of your best friends; Harry.

"Harry I just don't know what to do, or how to feel about all this, I don't know what's going off with Louis." You announced.

"Maybe it's just the stress of the tour Nanda, you never know with Lou, I'm sure everything will be fine." Harry comforted you and you went back to your hotel room that you and Louis were staying in whilst on tour.

As soon as you walked through the door, you saw Louis looking rather angry.

"Louis? what's up?" You asked cautiously.

"What's up? What's fucking up?!" Louis screamed at you, you felt your cheeks go read and tears came flooding to your eyes.

"I'll tell you what's up, you always go to Harry when you need someone to talk to, so what am I here for? am I just someone to be here so that you don't feel lonely?" Louis continued.

"Louis, I don't get what you mean, Harry is like my brother." You tried to argue back, but the emotions got the best of you and you felt weak as tears streamed down your face. 

"Well I AM your boyfriend, why can't you ask me? Maybe I can answer questions about myself too! I just can't believe you, don't you trust me?" Louis asked with a scared look on his face.

"I do Louis!" Was all you could get out, you fell to your knees, the tears overwhelming your eyes.

"Well, Nanda, just forget it! I'm sick and tried of feeling like you don't want to talk to me, I feel as if you don't actually trust me! go and share a room with Harry!" Louis said, you got up and stepped towards him.

"Just go!" He shouted with tears streaming down his cheeks.


"I don't know what I did wrong Harry." You let all of your emotions out to him, after relaying everything that happened that night.

"This is what you did wrong Nanda, you came to me with all of your problems, you asked me about YOUR boyfriend, in a way, I get why Louis is so upset, but I do know there was no need for him to go off like that." Harry explained, but there was nothing you could do to get Louis back, you already tried to say that you do trust him, and he wasn't having it, so you got on the next plane ride home.

Harry took you to the airport.

"Are you sure you want to go home? You can stay if you want, you can share a room with me?" Harry asked you, being the caring guy that he is.

"It;s fine Harry, it would just be too awkward, I'm sorry." You said, another tear growing in your eye.

"Promise you won't stay away?" Harry asked, looking lost.

"I promise." You replied and got onto the plane. 



You kept in touch with Harry for the next two months and that's when things started getting wierd. 

"Louis was talking to me today." Harry spoke over the phone at 1.30am, after a gig had finished.

"Yeah?" was all you replied, you didn't really want to know about the guy who broke your heart.

"Well, I say talking, I mean sobbing." Harry replied.

"Sobbing?" You asked.

"Yeah, he was saying how much he misses you and that what he did was wrong and he wished you were still here because  nothing is ever the same without you." Harry answered.

"Well, that's nice of him to say that to you, but unless I hear it myself, I don't really want to know." You said.

"Fair enough, I'm off to sleep, bye!" Harry replied.

"Bye!" you hung up.


You were having a lovely dream when your phone disturbed you.

It was Louis' ringtone 'Look after you' by The Fray.

You didn't hesitate to pick it up.

"Hello?" You answered the phone. 

"Listen Nanda, I'm so so sorry..." Louis began. Then you hear a knock on your apartment door.

"Wait a minute Louis." You said and went over to the door and opened it, and there stood Mr Louis William Tomlinson. 

You dropped your phone and tears began to trickle down your face. 

"What are you doing here, at 3 o'clock in the morning, I thought you were supposed to be in Barcelona?" You asked Louis in total shock.

"We finished early so I got on a plane straight away, I had to come see you, I would never have forgiven myself if I didn't." Louis began.

"It's just that, I was so stupid for letting you go, but I know you're still the one. I really, truly am so sorry and I just want you to take me back." Louis said dropping on his knees with his head in his hands, he began sobbing.


"Louis, I love you, of course I'll take you back, and I promise to talk to you about my problems from know on." 

Louis head rose up from his hands.

"I love you too!" 

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