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3. Another (Cheeky) one for Nat




You were stood at the front at a concert, when you watch Louis study the room, scanning his eyes across everyone's faces.

Then all of a sudden, his eyes lock with yours, you're that excited you can't break the bond your eyes have made together, his magnificent blue eyes stare almost into your soul, you can't believe this is happening, but before you know it, he is strolling to the other side of the stage singing his heart out to Last First Kiss, when you see him bend down to talk to a security guard, you look away and watch the other boys strut their stuff.

The concert is almost and an end and you've loved every single second of it, but you just cant manage to get Louis eyes out of your mind, as you sing along to the final song: What Makes You Beautiful, a security guard, the same one you saw Louis speaking to, approaches you. 

"Excuse me love, but after the concert has finished and everyone is going could you stay here?" He asks in a stern and loud voice.

"Of course!" you shout back, and the security man returns to his place. 

When the boys finish saying their goodbyes and everyone starts leaving you just stay exactly where you were, what's going to happen? you wondered.

"Right this way please." The security man has approached you, but you didn't see him and now you find yourself following on behind him. WHAT THE HELL?! You thought.

He lead you through corridoors and down stairs and you finally reached a door.

"Knock on that door and wait." The man said, he winked and walked off.

You quickly knocked on the door, so nervous as to what would be happening. who was going to answer? what had you done wrong? everything inside your brain had tipped upside down until your eyes met with some familiar blue ones, for the second time this evening.

"Hi, come on in love, it's a bit nippy in that hallway." Louis unmistakable voice echoed in your ears. You stepped into the room expecting there to be 10 people at least in there, but there was only 2, you and Louis.

"So you're probably wondering why you're here?" Louis asked with a smile on his face. You just nodded your head like a silent potato.

"Well, I don't know if you noticed our eyes locking during the middle of Last First Kiss, but I just felt something when that happened, and I instantly knew I had to get to know you." Louis blurted out.

"Wow." was all you could manage in reply. 

You and Louis must have sat in his dressing room for hours, just talking about everything.

"So Nat, I really enjoyed tonight, and getting to know you was pretty fun to. I don't want to scare you or anything, but I think you're the one." Louis spoke.

You let out a giggle and a blush, you didn't understand what he was saying.

"What do you mean I'm the one, the one what Louis?" You asked with a confused look on your face.

"The one for me Nat, I know we've only known each other for about 3 hours, but I really do think you are the one for me!" Louis announced. Your heart stopped, you just stared at him, a million things were running through your head. Is this a joke? Am I even awake? but before your brain could ask any more questions, Louis leaned in and kissed you on the lips.

Two years on, and though the paparazzi almost split you and Louis up twice you stayed strong. Louis took you to one of their concerts, but you stood in the sound area right next to the stage when Louis sang his part in Last First Kiss:

"Maybe I just gotta wait, Maybe this is a mistake,

I'm a fool yeah, Baby I'm just a fool yeah, oh oh

Girl what would you do, would you wanna stay if I were to say...." But the chorus did'n't come on. You got dragged onto the stage by Liam, and Louis is on one knee " Will you Marry me?" Louis asked. You began to cry and said yes. Those words just fitted perfectly you thought. Just like you and Louis, he picked you up and spun you around and the crowd went crazy, they all sounded happy for both of you. You walked off stage with a ring on your finger and they began singing Moments.

Louis looked down at you and you shared the same stare that you did the night you met, you saw a tear run down his cheek.







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