My Short Romance with Potter

I'm in love. With Potter. The most amazing and most popular kid in Hogwarts. But what will happen when he figures out who I am?


4. To Platform Nine and Three Quarters

     Lagging behind Draco, Astoria, and Scorpius, I walk. I make out a odd little contraption, (no doubt, made by muggles) that Draco explains is a "car."

     "The Ministry sent us a car. How, er, kind." I don't know if I'm the only one who has noticed, but the Ministry of Magic keeps an extremely close watch on Draco. (Did he do something wrong?)

     As we get closer, I make out details. There are two men inside. One is fat, short, and every level of unattractive. The other, however, is tall and muscular. He has a scary vibe to him though, like a man you don't want to mess with. 

     Draco walks over to the men and talks to them. I can't hear what they are saying, but I see the tall man take Draco's wand. Astoria tells Scorpio and me to stay put. Then, she rushes to his side. She pulls him away and talk in hushed voices that I barely hear.

     "What on Earth is going on? Why did they take your wand? Is this about..." She stops talking. Draco obviously understands because he replies.

     "The Ministry believes it unsafe to allow me around young children, given my, er, history. As if I would attack little kids."

     "Never stopped you before, did it?"

     "Astoria! I was forced! He said he would kill me, kill my family. He tortured me! Do you think I wanted to kill those people? To look those people in the eye, and... and..."

     His voice fades, and he stares off into space, like he tends to do when he talks about his past. I always knew he had an edgy childhood. He talked about it occasionally, without knowing. Then he would stop and stare off, and Astoria would rush him off to their bedroom, or the cellar, or any other room nearby with a  lockable door. She would leave him in there a while, so he could calm down. Usually, he would scream at nothing, or break things nearby. There would be nights where I stayed up, wondering what happened to induce such horrors for him. 

     But never, did he mention murders. Killing? My cousin couldn't actually kill, could he? Was this why he refused to injure the rat we found in our pantry? Because killing a rat would bring back memories of killing witches and wizards, maybe even muggles and squibs?

     Astoria walked over to us.

     "Draco is not well, and if he doesn't calm down, he will be taken again. I need you to get into the car. Don't sit near him. Don't talk. Behave." She looks at me paticularly when she says it, like if anything happens to him, she'll blame me.

     Once everyone got in the car, we were off. I kept thinking about the last time Draco was taken away. In the middle of the Leaky Cauldron, he had an "attack." He screamed at a wall. He yelled about a "Vanishing Cabinet." He tackled the barkeeper. Then he curled up into a ball, crying. The people from St. Mungo's came, and carried him away. For one whole month, he was gone. People came with news on how he was doing, and then, when he was released, and I saw him again, I swore to myself that I would do whatever I could to make sure he wasn't taken away again.

     After an hour of riding in the car, I suppose Draco had calmed down some, because he gave me a tap on the shoulder, and said, "Scorpius, Nellessa, welcome to King's Cross."



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