My Short Romance with Potter

I'm in love. With Potter. The most amazing and most popular kid in Hogwarts. But what will happen when he figures out who I am?


7. The Sorting

     I wipe the sweat from my palms onto my robes, trying desperatly to not look nervous. Keep calm, Nell. Sage and Bambi find thier ways over to me, but just as I am about to say something, a lady in black robes calls for everyone's attention.

     "Hello, everyone! I am Proffessor Emerald. I teach Muggle Studies, which due to, er, past events, all students, including First Years, must take." She looked around at the students who were mumbling and complaining, particularly the pure-bloods.

     "Silence," she called. "We now begin the Sorting Ceremony." She places a ratty hat on the stool on the stage.

     As Emerald got the scroll prepared, Scorpius leaned over and whispered in my ear, "What? No song? Dad said the Sorting Hat always sang." I nod in agreement, not wanting to speak. Prefering to hide in a box or corner, never to be seen again.

     Professor Emerald got on the stage and read from it, "Arnold, Sagania." Sage walks up to the stage, and sits on the stool. Emerald places the ugly torn up hat on her head. Suddenly, a seam of sorts near the brim slits open, like a mouth. The whole place goes silent.

     Someone yells,"Ravenclaw!" and I must be going insane because I think it's the hat.

     Sage is told to go to the Ravenclaw table where there are people cheering for her.

     Emerald continues with the pointless naming of people I don't know (one of which is the broom-smuggler with the black hair, Ash Dark, Slytherin) before coming to, "Dear, Bambili." Bambi steps up, and like before, the hat is placed on her head. After a second of what seems to be deep thought, it shouts out, "Hufflepuff!"

     Now both my friends have been separated from me.

     More boring names.

     "Lestrange, Nellessa."

     The silence that had been there when everyone had been watching the ceremony is broken. Shattered. I walk up to the stage, taking each step with care, dreading it may be my last.

     Murmurs are heard all throughout the Great Hall. I catch them, each one.

     "Lestrange? Did she say Lestrange?"

     "Is she related to-"  

     "Lets hope not."

     "She obviously is. She has her hair, and her eyes."

     "How is this possible?"

     Professor Emerald stares at me, looking unsure about whether she should place the Sorting Hat on my head or run screaming for help like a girl in one of those awful Muggle horror films. After what seems like a long, difficult debate, she drops the hat on my head. Instantly, a tiny voice whispers in my ear.

     "Lestrange? Are you perhaps related to a Bellatrix?"

     "Yes, she was my mother," I replied in a whisper so quiet that I am certain the hat never heard. But he did.

     He stays silent for a while I guess that going into my mind, searching for particular characteristics, must be tiring. Yes, that must be why he refuses to say anything else. Finally, he yells out, "SLYTHERIN!"

     Emerald yanks the hat off my head as I go to sit at the Slytherin table. Once I get there, a student, probably Seventh Year, asks me the same question the Sorting Hat asked me, and I reply the same exact way.

     "But how is that possible?" He says, panic hitting him. "She has been dead for about nineteen years."

     "It's not possible. For a muggle, I mean. But you seem to forget, we have magic on our side."

     He hesitates before stating, "You are gonna have a hard time staying on Professor Longbottom's good side."

     The Sorting continues and I watch as other people get sorted, but I don't care for anyone other than Scorpius and Al.

     Eventually, Scorpius is called up and put in Slytherin. Later, Al is put in Gryffindor, just like he wanted. Everything after that speeds by, like the Hogwarts Express on caffeine.

      The headmistress gives a short speech.

     We have a feast.

     We are taken to our dormitories.

     I am taken (along with three other First Year Slytherin girls) by a Head girl to my (our) room.

      I see my trunk has been taken in here. I remember Draco telling me this morning about his surprise for me that he put in it. It feels like a lifetime away.

     I unlatch the trunk and find a case, which I pull out despite how heavy it is. I push it open slowly to find tons of tiny vials, filled with a shiny, silvery liquid, each labeled in my handwriting, except for one, which is labeled with my mother's.

     All the vials are connected to a tray, which I move out of the way. The tray is actually a lid, of sorts.

     A lid to a Portable Pensieve.

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