My Short Romance with Potter

I'm in love. With Potter. The most amazing and most popular kid in Hogwarts. But what will happen when he figures out who I am?


5. Sighting Potter

     When the car stops, Scorpius climbs over me, opens the car door, and rushes out.

     "Scorpius!" Astoria calls out. "Calm down."

     I feel a hand rest on my shoulder, and look up to find Draco. He smiles, which is a rare thing.

     "Nell, are you nervous?"

     "If by nervous, you mean heart hammering, sweaty palms, and being completely terrified, then yes. Very nervous."  

     Draco laughs, something very, very, very rare. 

     "Well, Nellessa. You'll be fine. Now, there is a present in your trunk. You have to wait until you get to your House Dormitory before you can actually open it." I smile, and give a quick thank you, but Draco's smile vanishes, discouraging me from continuing. 

      "Nell, listen carefully. I heard you telling your friends about your plans during your free time at Hogwarts. Don't do it."

     "But, Drac-"

     "No buts about it. You are not to question about your mum. Or your dad. You understand?" I nod. Draco helps me put my trunks on the cart, and wheels it in. 

     "You see that Platform over there. I need you to run right though. It helps if you run. I'll see you in a minute." I am totally terrified. I have to run through a wall! A wall!

     I back up, and run. There is no stopping now. I brace myself for impact, only hoping that I won't be injured too badly. But the crash doesn't come. I am in a new place. Draco follows behind me. 

     "This is Platform Nine and Three Quarters. Now, get on the train. It's leaving in seven minutes." 

     After putting up my trunk, I find an empty compartment. I sit down and look out the window. Owls swoop high in the air, and cats chase toads around. I begin to watch people arrive from the Platform. Then I see a man that I know.  Tall, skinny, with messy black hair, and green eyes. On top his head, a scar on the shape of a lightning bolt. Harry Potter.

     Behind him, a young child, around my age appears. His looks tell me that he is definitely Harry's child.

     I fall immediately for him.

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