My Short Romance with Potter

I'm in love. With Potter. The most amazing and most popular kid in Hogwarts. But what will happen when he figures out who I am?


3. My Life Until Hogwarts

     Twenty-four years after the spell was cast, I was found in a little box, containing me, a key to a vault in Gringotts, and a memory of what happened. The memory was from my mother, Bellatrix Lestrange. So while I had to live with my cousin, Draco, I would sneak out every night to the Malfoy Pensieve. I would watch memories of my mother that I had collected over the years. I had a few of my dad, Rodolphus, but it was my mother that was most interested in. I wanted to etch in my my mind every single detail of her. The dark hair. The black-brown eyes. The tattoo on her left forearm.

     The tattoo is certainty the oddest thing about her. A skull with a serpent protruding out the mouth. And to make it odder, Draco had the same tattoo. In my efforts to find out everything about Mum, I asked Draco. He told me to mind my business until I could understand. His wife, Astoria, was even less eager to answer and threatened to kick me out.  

     Life in Malfoy Manor was anything but easy while Astoria was there. Luckily, she left once a week to visit her stupid sister, Daphne. Meanwhile, I was free to collect memories of my parents. For some reason, no one seemed to like her much. On the off chance I got a memory, I was warned that the woman I was questioning about was a "she-demon."

     One thing I never understood was the reference that Mum made. "The Dark Lord." Who was he? Possibly she? No one seemed to want to mention him... or her. Was he (she) so horrible that people winced, (with pain, as it looked) at the sound of a nickname? 

     And thinking of everything that will happen tomorrow makes me terrified. Soon I'll go to Hogwarts. No collecting memories. No viewing the ones I've already collected (unless I somehow trick Draco into giving me a Portable Pensieve). I will be singled out. No Mum or Dad that can write to me. Sure, Scorpius will join me, but he tries to avoid me in the Manor. There won't be a caring hand coming from him. 

     Luckily, my best friends are heading to school as well. Sagania (Sage) and Bambili (Bambi) are the only people who understand me. They help me with my never-ending attempts to discover the truth of my past. 


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