My Short Romance with Potter

I'm in love. With Potter. The most amazing and most popular kid in Hogwarts. But what will happen when he figures out who I am?


6. Albus Severus Potter

     Who is he?

     The boy stops walking, and Harry notices. He goes to him and says something to him. After a few seconds, the two of them get up, and go to the train.

     The boy gets on the train. Harry moves away to talk to some other people. But I don't see anything else, because my train of thought is crashed by the sound of a dreamy voice.

     "Hey, can I sit here? Everywhere else is full."

     I turn to see the Potter kid. I say something really intelligent, like, "Huh?"

     "Can I sit here? The other compartments are full."

     I stammer, "Uh, yeah. S - sit." And he does, right across from me.

     He looks out the window and points out a kid trying to smuggle a broom to school. Obviously a First Year. His long straight, black hair and piercing blue eyes nearly distract me from the Potter kid.


     I turn away from the window.

     "What year are you?" I question, preparing for him to be in Second so he'll have nothing to do with me.

     "I'm going here for my First. Dad says, 'Stay away from Fluffy this year!' Whatever that means."

     "During Draco's First Year, there was a three-headed dog named Fluffy. It was there to protect some valuable stone or whatever. Kinda pointless. The headmaster destroyed it. The stone. Not the dog."

     The boy stares at me in admiration, like he is amazed I got all that from "Stay away from Fluffy," when all I did was listen to Draco's countless stories from Hogwarts.

     "So, what about you? Are you also First Year?"

     "Yeah. I can't wait for the Sorting. I hope we're in the same house..."

     As I say, "Slytherin," the boy says, "Gryffindor." I am astounded. Gryffindor? House of the Lame-O's? And this guy, this amazing (and amazingly cute) guy, wants to be apart of it? What is wrong with him?

     A look of disgust strikes him, but he says nothing.

     We sit in silence for a while, watching the scenery slowly change as the train speeds along the tracks. After a few hours, it slows down in front of a large castle. Hogwarts.

     The Potter boy stands up and pulls his trunk down from the overhead compartment, and does the same with my own.

     I thank him as he opens the door for our compartment. Just as I'm about to leave, he stops me.

     "I almost forgot. What's your name?"

     "Nellessa. Most people call me Nell. What's yours?"

     "Albus Severus Potter. Al for short." Something about his name sounds familiar, but I try to forget about it.

     He walks out just as Scorpius pops his head into the compartment. With an evil smile, he whispers, "Hanging out with a Potter? Dad will be so ticked! It would be a shame if someone was to... tell him!"

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