Fallen Angel

Indie is a mess. She barely has any money, she runs away all the time, and she's depressed. She let all her problems build up from school to friends to boys, and now she's searching for something or someone to make her feel like Indie again. [[one direction are NOT famous in this movella]]


3. 3

It was 11pm and Louis still hadn't texted me. I was debating on texting him but I didn't want to seem clingy. My brief good mood had faded and any hopes of my luck changing were gone. I checked my phone one last time before sighing and putting it on my side table. I snuggled down into my bed but kept my eyes open, letting my mind wander mainly on Louis. He was so casual yet so good looking. I pictured him in my head for about the 100th time this evening. He was wearing plain light grey t-shirt, which looked so good against his tanned skin. He had a pair of navy blue knee-length shorts on and some navy vans on his feet. He also had a really cute string material anklet on with a few tattered beads on it, which looked like it had seen him through a few summers at least. His hair was slightly lighter than chocolate brown with a few tinges of caramel in it from the sun. It was a bit messy as if he had been at the beach or in the sea all day, and his ocean coloured eyes were positively sparkling. To top it all off, he was smiling this perfect smile the whole time. His teeth were pearly white and perfect, his smile was contagious. I felt myself sigh again as I thought about how nice he was to me as well. He seemed to actually take an interest in what I had to say. I liked this Louis and I wanted to get to know him more. 

I was dozing off into a sleep when I heard my phone vibrate. I sat up in excitement hoping it was him and reached for my phone. I almost squealed when I saw his name on the screen. I opened the text and read it. 'So so so sorry I didn't text you earlier, I lost my phone charger! Xxxx' I smiled at my phone. 'It's fine, don't worry about it xxxx' I replied quickly. I was so glad he texted me, and I hoped that I could meet him again. 

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