Fallen Angel

Indie is a mess. She barely has any money, she runs away all the time, and she's depressed. She let all her problems build up from school to friends to boys, and now she's searching for something or someone to make her feel like Indie again. [[one direction are NOT famous in this movella]]


2. 2

I laid on the grass looking up at the dim sky that was setting. I had been here for hours now, I didn't really want to go home but I knew I had to. I sighed as I pulled myself up and started slowly walking back along the footpath of the field. I was about halfway across it when I heard someone. I froze feeling scared, I thought nobody knew about this place? 'Hey excuse me?' I heard a voice call. It was a boy. I stopped and turned around as he caught up with me. He came closer as he slowed down and caught his breath. I smirked a little bit, this boy was actually hot. Blue/green sea eyes, messy tousled brown hair and perfect teeth. 'Hey' I smiled. I hadn't properly smiled like that in ages. 'Hi, I was wondering if you knew the way out of here? I've been walking over fields for hours, I can't get to the road!' He complained. I chuckled as I nodded. 'Sure, follow me' I turned around and started walking. 'Thanks, i'm Louis by the way' He grinned. 'Indie' I replied. We made small talk as we walked back to the road. Turns out he was 17, just finished school and in a flat on his own. I wish I could live on my own. We got to the road finally and he turned to me. 'Well thanks Indie, hopefully I can get home now' He laughed. 'No problem' I smiled. ''l'll text you?' He shrugged as he took out and old receipt from his pocket and a half snapped pencil and quickly scribbled down his number. He winked as he gave it to me and started walking off. I clutched the receipt happily as I walked home grinning. I hadn't felt this happy in ages, and some stranger comes along and suddenly i'm the most positive and happy girl ever. I skipped inside and called out hello to my parents. 'You seem happy' My mum said a bit warily. I nodded and gave her a grin as I ran upstairs, waiting for Louis to text.

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