Fallen Angel

Indie is a mess. She barely has any money, she runs away all the time, and she's depressed. She let all her problems build up from school to friends to boys, and now she's searching for something or someone to make her feel like Indie again. [[one direction are NOT famous in this movella]]


1. 1

I ran out the house and down the long familiar pebbled path to get out into an open empty field. Nobody came here, nobody even knew that this place existed, and I planned for it to stay that way. I soon ran out of energy and flopped down onto the ticklish grass. I had done this so many times before I was getting tired of it. I wiped my eyes and sighed and I felt my mascara smudge all down my face. I sat up and crossed my legs, thinking about what to do next.

I often ran away, only for a while to clear my head. I wasn't very good at dealing with my problems and my mum was convinced I had some sort of anxiety issue. I let my schoolwork drop because I found it too difficult. I just sit in class doing nothing because I can't be bothered. It's weird because I used to be such a little geek, always jotting everything down and getting my homework in first. None of the teachers expected me to suddenly give up. As for friends, I have 3 close ones but I always hide my depression from them. Well..I try. Claudia is my bestfriend and she just sees straight through me but doesn't question me too much. Lily and Hannah have no idea, so I guess i'm a pretty good actor. But even Claudia has no real idea of what's going on with me. I've only had 2 boyfriends. The first was nice but we both agreed it wasn't the time for a relationship. Weirdly i'm quite good friends with Kyle now which is quite nice. My second boyfriend James cheated on me, with Hannah. Yeah I know I said Hannah was my 'friend' and I did forgive her but I still don't 100% like her. I think James started off my depression. I was slacking in school a little bit but when he told me after he'd been doing it for 4 months I literally died inside. My whole world was broken. I cried everyday and didn't talk to anyone. My parents were firstly worried but then they just got annoyed. My dad is the least understanding and my mum just walks in his footsteps. They don't understand me at all. I got bullied for a year until the main bully got excluded. I'm 16 and I feel like I can't even carry on with my life sometimes. I just need something to make me happy again.

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