The Search (Book one in the Our Story Saga)

Harry Styles sees 19-year old Alexis Smith in his favorite coffee/tea shop, The Nook, and instantly falls in love. He walks up to the door and stops in front of her, testing out his new theory he saw from "We Bought A Zoo". She looks up from the book she's reading - his Favorite book - and smiles up at him. He smiles shakily and says, "Why would someone as beautiful as you even look at someone like me?" She smiles and says, "Why not?" And invites him to sit down and talk. They get to know each-other but then suddenly gets up and leaves. Harry chases after her but looses her in the crowd. He goes back to The Nook everyday at the same time, hoping to find his Cinderella. Will he find her? Will she still feel the same way as she did at first?


4. The Beginning of My Search

Hey Guys!!! It's moi!! Sorry for not updating in a while! I'm going to try to make this a long chapter so... fingers crossed. Do ya'll have any suggestions for meh???? I'll gladly take them into consideration. Oh, and what are some good movellas?? I need some more to read!!! I go through them so fast!!! Well, anyways... time to write, I guess....

                                            Love ya'll!!!

                                                     XOXO - Mrs. Styles💋



Harry's POV

I run down the street, towards that nice neighborhood at the end of the block, looking for that beautiful hair, dyed bright blue at the tips, and a bright purple underside. It would stand out anywhere. Ok, passing up the neighborhood, no way she'd be in there. It may be a nice neighborhood, but it's full of bad people. Abusive boyfriends, shady drug dealers, you know, the bad people. Alexis would never be in there. I keep going, looking on both sides to make sure I don't miss her.

"Have you seen a beautiful girl with colored hair anywhere?" I ask a group of girls.

"Oh my god!!! Are you Harry Styles?!?" One shouts.

"No." I mumbled, then took off running. Bad call, asking them.

They started chasing after me, screaming, "OH MY GOD, IT'S HARRY STYLES!! I LOVE YOU!!!!" Making masses of teenage girls join them. I circle back around, cutting through blocks to get back to my flat. Approaching my door, I quickly type in the code, and slam the door right as the screaming girls step onto my doorste. I lock it behind me and hear the slamming of bodies against it. A shudder racks through my body as I slide down the door. Breathing heavy, I put my head in my hands as I think, I failed, I didn't find her.

The boys come in, looking concerned. Probably at the slamming door and my defeated looking position.

"What happened, mate?" Louis slides down next to me and takes my head out of my hands.

"I- I met the most amazing girl today." I whisper hoarsely, a tear escaping from my eye.

"Why are you crying then?! That's a good thing, right?" Liam slides down on my other side.

"Yeah, but... She's gone. I don't know where she is, what her phone number is, anything. I have nothing."

"Why?? You should've gotten something, you were gone forever!" Zayne sits in front of me. "You've never had a problem with girls before, what happened?"

"Sh-she ran, something about her having to go NOW. All I know is that she's gone.... gone." i whisper the last word. "I don't think everything was okay. She looked sort of... scared." I look up determinedly. "I will find her. No matter what." I stand up and head to the back door. I slip out and take the long way back to The Nook. That's where I'm going to start. i show up 10 minutes later, out of breath, and clinging onto my last shred of hope. Here goes nothing. The door dings as I push it open, causing the cashier girl to look up.

"Back already?" she smiles at me, then gets an Oh! face. "Oh!! Um... your... girlfriend left this." She holds up a sponge-printed scarf in blue and purple.

"Really?!? Alexis left this??!" I shout excitedly.

"I guess. It was on that seat over there." she points to the table Alexis and I were sitting at. 

"Oh my god!!! Thank you SO much!! I owe you one!!!" I lean across the counter and kiss her on the cheek.

"Your welcome. I just hope you find your Cinderella." She smiles and touches her cheek. I run out of the store and back to the flat.

I burst through the door, startling all the boys and whisper breathlessly, "I have a plan." And for the first time since Alexis disappeared, I finally smiled. 

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