The Search (Book one in the Our Story Saga)

Harry Styles sees 19-year old Alexis Smith in his favorite coffee/tea shop, The Nook, and instantly falls in love. He walks up to the door and stops in front of her, testing out his new theory he saw from "We Bought A Zoo". She looks up from the book she's reading - his Favorite book - and smiles up at him. He smiles shakily and says, "Why would someone as beautiful as you even look at someone like me?" She smiles and says, "Why not?" And invites him to sit down and talk. They get to know each-other but then suddenly gets up and leaves. Harry chases after her but looses her in the crowd. He goes back to The Nook everyday at the same time, hoping to find his Cinderella. Will he find her? Will she still feel the same way as she did at first?


1. Courageous

Harry's POV

I pull up my hood and turn to the door. I walk out slowly and push my sunglasses down my forehead onto my nose as I lock my door. It's just a block walk, I tell myself, then I'll get my usual and be on my way. As I walk up to my favorite coffee/tea shop, The Nook. As I look at the colorfully paired window, I see a beautiful sight. She's sitting at my usual table, reading my favorite book. She's blonde with bright blue tips and a purple underside. She has a beautiful profile and is just gorgeous.Wow, I think I'm already in love. I think of what that guy said in We Bought A Zoo.

Twenty seconds of courage is all you need, and I guarantee something great will come out of it.

Well, lets test that out. I start counting down as I walk through the door. I walk up to her and she looks up from her book. 12....11....10. Make a move, Harry!

"Uhuhm.... Can I help you?" She smiles, raising an eyebrow questionly.

"Well... What would someone as beautiful as you even look at someone like me?" Please haven't seenWe Bought A Zoo, please.

She laughs and says, "Is this the part where I say  'Why not?' I love that movie, by the way." She starts laughing.

"Yeah kind of." I shake my hair out and pull my hood off. "May I?"

"Sure." She drags her feet off the chair across from her. 

"So, I'm Harry, and you are...?" I point at her and cock my head to the side. I'm way past twenty seconds, and something amazing has come out of it. That was actually pretty good advice.

"Alexis. Ummm....... Oh, ok! We're gonna play a game. We're going to ask each-other random questions. I'll start. What's your favorite color?"

"Green. You?" I lean closer.

"Guess." She leans closer and says, "Here, I'll give you a hint." She opens her eyes wider and I look into her eyes for the first time and am mesmerized by them. They're bright, bright blue with a thin film if light, bright green and flecks of pink and purple.

"Well, from what I see in your beautiful eyes, I think that your favorite colors are blue, green, pink, purple." We continue on like this for hours, asking really weird and random questions like: What order would you put the rainbow in if you had the choice? And I asked her what her favorite taco place was and she said Taco Bell because I love to kiss unicorns. And for every question and answer she gives. I fall a little bit more in love with her. She's perfect, and I want her so bad. She looks at her phone and gasps. 

"SHIT!!!" She shouts.

"What?!" I look around panicked.

"I-I have to go!" She starts throwing all her stuff together. "I'm so sorry!!" She runs out the door.

"Wait!!!" I yell. "Come back!!" I run out after her, but can't find her. I search forever but lost her. I have to find her. And I won't stop looking until I do.

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