Truth or Dare

Dan Howell and Phil Lester Phanfic.

Dan has had feelings for Phil for a long time - but Phil doesn't seem to return them. With a different girl every night (well that was before his girlfriend) Phil seems as straight as can be. So what will Dan do? Should he tell him his feelings? Or should he just move on?...

Phil has started to notice that Dan is very uneasy around Ashley (his girlfriend), does he not like her? And starts to worry about him.

BTW: these will only be short chapters


8. The end

Dans- Pov

I had spent a week without phil, feeling guilty and stupid. i had gotten so depressed and i hadn't eaten in days. i didnt want to live anymore, i just wanted to close my eyes and it would all be over. I decided to call Phil again and this time I left a voicemail.


Phil's POV

I looked down at my phone. one new voicemail.

Hi, i'm sorry but this has to happen. i'm going if anyone asks i'm at the cliff. bye........I love you

"Oh my god Dan no"  I grabbed my jacket and ran down the stairs

" PHIL honey where are you going" i threw her my phone so she could hear the voicemail while i sprinted out of the house and towards the cliff. I was so out of breath but i had to keep running , I had to save Dan. I couldnt live happy without him. He was my best friend and had always been there for me. i was there, stood at the bottom of the cliff.


Dan's POV

I walked to the edge of the cliff, biting my lip  and praying that this would take my life. My toes hung over the edge as I took a deep breath and bent my knees. " here we go Dan, its all going to be over soon. no more love, no more hate, nothing but peace to put you out of your misery

"DAAANNN" i turned around. there was Phil stood a few meteres behind me looking worried. a tear down his cheek matching mine. ". Dont do it. i cant live without you Dan, you complete me. I love you too" I walked towards him slowly. i had the biggest smile on my face that I had ever made.  I hugged him like I never had before, I knew we would be together forever! " But Phil, what about Ashley?" 

"Ill have to tell her its not working out, shes a great girl but i love you Dan. More than toast" and he winked.

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