Truth or Dare

Dan Howell and Phil Lester Phanfic.

Dan has had feelings for Phil for a long time - but Phil doesn't seem to return them. With a different girl every night (well that was before his girlfriend) Phil seems as straight as can be. So what will Dan do? Should he tell him his feelings? Or should he just move on?...

Phil has started to notice that Dan is very uneasy around Ashley (his girlfriend), does he not like her? And starts to worry about him.

BTW: these will only be short chapters


5. Ruined it

"Phil look im sorry, I didn't mean to I swear!"  "Dan you are taking this 'phan' thing way too far, Ashley's parents have a flat near the bbc studios and we are moving there. Look if i'd have known you had feelings for me I would have moved out sooner, I didn't know you liked me nor did I know you liked men! look its nothing personal, your a really nice guy but you stepped way to far this time"

Dan looked at his feet and slumped down on Phil's bed. he was shoving things into suitcases and Ashley was on her ipad on the other side of the room. "Phil, I ruined it I know but why don't we forget everything that happened!? (interrobang lol)  Ashley made a face to say ' as if that's ever going to happen' and Phil saw Dan raise a finger.

"So that's why you hate her so much, I cant believe you Dan. I thought my best friend might be happy for me to find love but nooooo you've got to be jealous and keep an upsetting secret right up in that dusty little brain of yours!" Dan ran out of the room and sat on his bed crying, he heard Phil and Ashley close the front door and he looked out of the window. Phil was sat on the kerb a few yards away from the house with his head in his hands, Ashley running her hands through his hair.

Dan reached for some tissues and then for his camera

"Hello Internet"

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