Truth or Dare

Dan Howell and Phil Lester Phanfic.

Dan has had feelings for Phil for a long time - but Phil doesn't seem to return them. With a different girl every night (well that was before his girlfriend) Phil seems as straight as can be. So what will Dan do? Should he tell him his feelings? Or should he just move on?...

Phil has started to notice that Dan is very uneasy around Ashley (his girlfriend), does he not like her? And starts to worry about him.

BTW: these will only be short chapters


6. Its going to be fine- Phil's POV

Ashley and I got to the apartment. I don’t know why I was so upset, Dan had done something terrible and I didn’t want to even think about it. Ashley was unpacking her clothes into her wardrobe and I was laying on the bed, eating a chocolate orange as if it were my feelings.

A few nights had passed. I enjoyed the company of Ashley very much but not having Dan there was strange and not something I would have ever considered a year ago. I opened my laptop and went on youtube. Newest videos from your subscriptions ,danisnotonfire- A break from youtube “Oh god no Dan why."


[Dans video]

'Hello internet , so unfortunately ive decided to take a break from youtube for a few months. Ive had a bit of a fall out with someone special and I just don’t have the enthusiasm to make videos. I want you to know that I love you guys lots and I should back in a while. Bye!'


“Why did you fall out with him, why can’t you just accept that Dan is ‘batting for the other team’  and move on. No you can’t, this isn’t just for you, its for Ashley. It's for your own good.” I couldn’t stop saying over and over in my head until eventually I settled down in bed telling myself that its all going to be fine

It’s all going to be fine…

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