Truth or Dare

Dan Howell and Phil Lester Phanfic.

Dan has had feelings for Phil for a long time - but Phil doesn't seem to return them. With a different girl every night (well that was before his girlfriend) Phil seems as straight as can be. So what will Dan do? Should he tell him his feelings? Or should he just move on?...

Phil has started to notice that Dan is very uneasy around Ashley (his girlfriend), does he not like her? And starts to worry about him.

BTW: these will only be short chapters


3. A Step Too Far- Dan's POV

I didn't want to lose Phil. I just wanted him to return the feelings I have for him - love. I wouldn't be able to live if Phil wasn't in the room next door, or closer... But seriously he had to make it up to Phil. Dan walked over to where Phil was sitting-

"I'm sorry if I've been moody lately." Phil looks up to my face.

"It's fine Dan! Really. So I was thinking- a lot of fans have been requesting us to do a Truth or Dare together, what do you think?"

Dan hesitated knowing that their fans would inevitably dare them to kiss each other or even worse- say who we like fancy. I wouldn't want to lie to all my danasaurs (or  phillions for that matter) and not to mention the Phangirls! But I would have to.

"Umm... Ok?" I look into Phil's eyes, they had a childish gleam of excitement in them.

"Yay! I will look for the most popular ones!"

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