When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


9. Chapter 9

Joe's POV:

It's been 2 months and Becca isn't herself still. I'm beginning to worry about her.

"So are you both coming tomorrow?" Emma grins widely at us both. "Coming where?" Becca asks. "I told you last week- Josh's party! You coming?" I nod and Becca answers, "I'll have to check because I don't know if mum and dad will let me out.." she trails off. Her parents had been even stricter with parties recently due to the last one with Louis. She's missed out on 4 so far. To be honest, not letting her go isn't helping her get over anything. In my eyes, it's ridiculous; holding her back from everything. "Who are you texting?" Emma hovers over Becca's phone, scanning the screen. "Seriously?! I don't get any privacy since all this happened! Just to let you know- I'm texting my dad to ask if I can go. Stop asking me all the time- it's no one else's business" she stands up and walks away. "Emma, she's right you know. Quit asking her all the time. It's smothering her" I say before running off to find Becca.


Becca's POV:

Surprisingly, my dad actually said I could go- it's the first one I've been allowed to go to since the party with Louis. I finish up my hair and makeup. My hair was curled loosely and I did my usual party makeup. For my outfit, I decided on wearing a tight fitting bodycon dress. It's a peachy-nude colour which has a cutout bit in the middle; revealing some of my stomach. Then dainty heels along with a matching clutch bag to finish off the look. I'd decided to wear heels because Josh's party is in a hall; he's rented it out rather than throwing the party at his house. Emma is getting ready at Josh's and will meet us there. Joe's coming for me in about 5 minutes; I'm staying at his tonight. He's actually understood how everyone's been smothering me lately so suggested I stay there to give me an even longer break from my house.


Zayn's POV:

Becca came down to the living room wearing a tight-fitting dress which revealed part of her stomach. "That's a biT revealing isn't it?" "Not really?" she looks down at her outfit. If she was my daughter, I'd be sending her upstairs to change. "You coming home tonight?" I ask and she shakes her head. "No, I'm staying at Joe's" I'm guessing she'd already told dad because he didn't say anything. We all liked Joe- he's a really nice guy so we know she's safe there with him. "I've got to get going and off to work" dad stands up and gives Becca a quick kiss on the cheek. "Bye Zayn and Becca have a good night- be careful" he says before leaving. "So how comes Emma didn't get changed here or you didn't at hers?" I wanted to check she wasn't lying due to what happened last time she went out. "She's getting ready at Josh's, said she'll meet us there". She laughs a little before talking again, "It's ok Zayn, I am actually going to a party with Joe and Emma". The door rings, stopping me from what I was about to say.


Becca's POV:

I open up the door where Joe was stood. He's wearing black denim jeans with a plain t-shirt. It doesn't sound very much like a party outfit but the way he wore made it look good and fit for a party. "Ready?" he grins as I grab my clutch bag from the side. I nod and make my way outside. "My mums dropping us off but we'll have to walk back to mine tonight; she's going out with her friend. It's not that far from mine anyway" he tells me. I don't mind walking anyway so it's fine with me. "Be careful! And you look after her Joe" Zayn calls out grinning. Joe's face beams as he turns around, "You know I will!".

"Do you wanna drink Bec?" Joe shouts into my ear. I nod, "Can you get me a cocktail or something please? I'm just going to the toilet- won't be long". He nods and we go our separate ways. Seeing as we'd only just arrived, neither of us were drunk.. Yet. I can guarantee we would be soon though. I go into one of the toilet stalls and lock the door behind me. Before I'd left earlier, I put one of the syringes and enough drugs into my bag- just to liven myself up even more. I've been back to Niall for more since the first lot he gave me- I'm not addicted, I just like the feel it gives you- the buzz and adrenaline; I've stopped having them so much now, only using them when I felt really low just to get myself back up again or for parties, etc. I get on really well with Niall too; we've actually gotten pretty close- he's a real good friend. I do what I need to do and then inject it into my skin. Throw away the needle in the bin along with any packets I had in there too. Soon enough, I'd be enjoying myself a lot more.


Joe's POV: **several hours later**

Becca and I were both drunk by now; she seems rather hyped too.. More confident, guess it's just the drink. "Wow, how much have you two drunk?" Emma makes her way to us laughing. "Not enough" I smirk and Becca perks up, "Yeah- another drink?". Her eyes were glowing and wide; just like her smile. We make our way to the bar, "Have you ever done body shots?" she looks at me playfully. I nod, "We should get a group of us together and do them, it'll be funny" she then tells Emma who was also listening. "That's such a good idea, let me go get Josh to tell everyone!" she runs off. "ANYONE FANCY DOING BODY SHOTS MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE BAR NOW!" Josh shouts into the mic from the stage. A few people were stood around the bar. Someone else had already poured out the shots, gotten a slice of lime for us each and the salt. Becca, Emma and three other girls laid down on the bar once they had shown their ID. Some of us at this party weren't 18 yet so they had to show their ID- Becca isn't 18 just yet but she has a fake ID so it didn't matter and as for Emma and the three other girls, I'm guessing they did the same. We paired ourselves up. Obviously me with Becca and Josh with Emma. A man who worked behind the bar, put the salt on their chest, lime in their mouth and then pulled their dresses up and poured Tequila on their stomach. The music was thumping and each of the girls were laying there giggling. "3.. 2.. 1.. GO!" the bartender shouts. I lick the salt from Becca's chest and then suck up the Tequila from her stomach and hover back over her face to take out the lime from her mouth. She sits up laughing and pulling back down her dress, "WE WON!". Had I mentioned how gorgeous she looked. No? Well she does just to let you know.


Emma's POV:

After doing body shots, the party seemed to pick up even more. Everyone's on the dance floor; dancing like crazy. I turn to watch Joe and Becca from the bar. "Don't you think they suit?" I grin to Josh who stood beside me. "I think it's obvious Joe fancies her" he grins.


Joe's POV:

The music is blasting out- Becca and I are constantly dancing with one another. She turns to me and starts laughing, then takes a sip on her drink. I throw my hands round her waist, pulling her close. She does the same but placing hers round my neck. "You have no idea how fucking stunning you look tonight" I laugh; realising I just swore once again.. I tend to swear a lot when I'm drunk.. She grins, her eyes glisten under the lights that beam in various places. We stand there for a moment with heavy tension between us. I slowly lean my head in to hers and lock our lips together. She doesn't resist as I lean her back further and kiss her harder. "Well that escalated quickly!" Josh's voice shouts over the music, interrupting us.


It's 3.30 in the morning and everyone's leaving the party now, so me and Becca decide to start walking back to his. "Cheers for tonight bro! It was a good one" I say, holding Becca up as she flopped her body against me. We are both heavily drunk and we have to walk home. By the looks of it, I'm going to have to hold Becca up all the way there as we're both stumbling around but her more so.

"This is gonna take a long time" I chuckle as she trips over her own feet. I pick her up and carry her for about 3 minutes until I feel myself swaying more. She stays by my side walking. Several cars go past beeping their horns at her and she just turns around waving at them, laughing. I don't like the fact that they're beeping at her but I can't help but laugh because of the way she acts.


Niall's POV:

I'm on my way home and notice a familiar looking girl walking down the road with another boy. As I get closer, I realise it's Becca. Even though I can only see her from behind I can just tell it's her. I slow down the car, winding down my window. "Who's that gorgeous looking girl I see?" I grin. She comes to a halt and stumbles to the window as I pull over slightly and stay in the car.


Joe's POV:

"HELLO!" Becca exclaims and runs to the car. I didn't know who he was so I stood there waiting. He was checking her out more-a-less all the time. "So where've you been babe?" He speaks with a heavy Irish accent. Something didn't sit right about him.. Whether it's because I didn't know him or it's the way they acted around one another I don't know.


Becca's POV:

"Party!" I smile. He leans over to my left ear; hiding his face behind my hair, "Are you just really drunk or have you taken something?" his hot breath hits against my skin. "Both" I awkwardly smile. He smirks back and talks, "Wanna come with me? I'm going home". "I can't, I'm staying with Joe tonight" "Who's Joe?" He furrows his eyebrows.


Joe's POV:

"JOE? This is Joe" Becca says pulling me to the car. "He's my best friend. Oh, this is Niall" she looks between us both. There she said it.. I've been friend-zoned. Niall nods at me, "A'ite". I nod back, "We should get going now Bec". "Ok, I'll see you later Niall" she leans in giving him a hug. He drives off, leaving us to carry on our journey to mine. "My heels are killing". I look at her as she struggles down the path. "Come here" I laugh and put her over my shoulder. We hadn't got a long walk now anyway.

We get in; Becca still over my shoulder. I slide off my shoes in the hallway and then carry us both upstairs to my room. I lay Becca down on the bed and trip over a t-shirt I'd previously left there; causing me to end up hovering over her. I look at her eyes, down to her lips and back to her eyes as our faces get even closer. Our lips brush against one another's and it slowly turns into a slight kiss.

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