When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


8. Chapter 8

Becca's POV:

Everything I need is packed; all ready for me to be on my way. I'm just waiting for everyone to go to bed and then I can go. Louis and I haven't contacted each other since earlier. We'll be seeing each other soon anyway. I'd wrote out a note for my parents and Zayn; leaving it attached to the dressing table in my room- hoping they'll find it in the morning. "Becca, look I'm sorry for shouting at you earlier. I just want better for my daughter ok? I don't want you involved in drugs and everything he's involved with." she pauses before speaking once more, "Just open up your door. Let me come and talk to you properly." I hide my suitcase under my bed so it's out of view and place my phone in my pocket. Whilst unlocking the door, my head has a rushing sensation through it and I feel extremely weird so I grip on to the wall. The door knob opens carefully and slowly; revealing my mum. "Becca- sit down, we'll talk about this" she says; her tone hushed and I follow her to my bed. My legs collapse and take my whole body to the floor, making everything turn black. "Becca? Bec- BRIAN, ZAYN" her voice starts fading away and I can't hear or see anything but silence and emptiness.


Louis' POV:

"Becca, where are you I've been waiting for an hour and you're still not here. Just call me back when you get this please". That's the 7th voice mail I've left. It's now 9pm and I've been waiting here an hour. Part of me wants to go to her house and get her but I really don't think that's a good idea.


"Look- you could have just rung me and said you'd changed your mind instead of leaving me here hanging. Obviously I mean that little to you.. I really thought what we had was special. I'm going without you; you had your chance. Bye" I leave my final voice message and hop onto the train. I'd now been waiting for 2 hours and she hadn't come by or called. I guess it was her way of telling me she didn't want this. I'm going because otherwise I'll have to face her at school and she was the only girl I truly loved with all my heart.. Plus it's not as if it'll hurt with me starting over again will it? I'll still be involved with the jobs I do wherever I go anyway- might aswell branch out further for them if there's nothing keeping me here anymore..


Janet's POV (Becca's mum):

I call out to Brian and Zayn as kneel down beside my unconscious daughter. "What is it?" Zayn appears just before Brian; sounding groggy. "Call an ambulance" I look from him to Becca who doesn't even flinch. "Can I have an ambulance please?" I drown out Zayn's voice and talk to Brian. He kneels the other side and checks her pulse, "This is down to him. I bet" his jaw tenses. "Right now- I just want to make sure she's ok. Deal with the consequences after" I look up at him. The anger and frustration was written all over his face.


"An hour and a half we've been here and you manage to tell us is that she's still unconscious?!" I reel off my tongue, snapping at one of the nurses. As a mother- you want to always be there for your child and help. Right now- I feel so helpless and being told hardly anything was even worse. "Sorry- she's just worried.. Have you got any news on how she's doing?" Zayn steps beside me and hugs me tight.


Zayn's POV:

"We just about to pull you in the room and update you. I understand you're worried it's ok" she smiles to the three of us. We follow her in to Becca's room- she lay there still and quiet.

"I don't know if you know, but your daughter has had a large amount of toxins in her. Through the tests and observations we've been doing, we found she's consumed a lot of alcohol and taken a variety of drugs. It's bad enough taking drugs on a usual basis, but because she's mixed them with others and alcohol, it's caused her to faint. She will be ok; it's just the drugs are getting out of her system and it's caused this due to the amount she took. According to our results, she took them not long under 24 hours ago. Do you know where she was at the time? What she was doing?" the doctor finishes off.

"Yeah- she was at a party. She came home this morning- she seemed alright then" I tell him, leaving the rest of the details out. He nods, "Ok, well she'll wake up soon. Once they're fully out of her system. I'm afraid because she's 17, you aren't allowed to stay with her. You're fine to come by in the morning though". Without further a do, he leaves us alone in the room. "I don't want to leave her here on her own- he could come by at any moment" my dad states looking rather angry. I knew who he was talking about and I agreed with him 100%. Louis. "They won't let anyone else come into see her. There's nurses and others around- no one's going to come here. Not until tomorrow anyway and by then we'll be here." my mum shakes her head. We aren't allowed to stay with her anyway so we have to leave her, whether we like it or not. Each of us place a kiss on her forehead and leave together.


Becca's POV:

My eyes flutter open and I'm in a room- not one that I recognise. As I come to even more, I realise I'm in hospital. Oh, that's right because I fainted.. There's a cupboard next to the bed. I wanted my phone to call Louis- it's a lot darker outside now so I knew it's past the time we was meant to go. I had to let him know. The time read 1:23am. Really?! That late? Or should I say early.. I have several missed calls from Louis and 8 voice messages, who I'm guessing were all from him. Each of them are the same message but from different times; all asking where I was. Until I get to the last one. As it plays off, I sit there with tears in my eyes. He was gone. My hands run over the screen; typing in his number. It rings a couple times before he picks up, "I don't want to speak to you, don't bother contacting me" his voice sounded deep and irritated. "But Louis I-" "Spare me the excuses Becca, you made your choice- it's over" he left it at that; giving me no chance to speak back before he hung up. I sat there in the hospital bed crying myself to sleep. I already felt weak enough as it is.


"Hey, can I come in?" Joe says as he is stood at the door. No one was here apart from him; it was only 8:30am so I'm guessing the rest were coming later. I nod without saying a word. I'm not best pleased with him and Emma at the moment- they didn't even bother trying to help me yesterday morning, instead they backed Zayn up. Plus, they knew I was going to the party with Louis so technically it's their fault for Zayn finding out. He sits down and the room falls silent; making an extreme awkwardness form. "So how do you feel?"


Joe's POV:

"Fine" she bluntly replies. I did feel guilty. Emma and I knew she was at that party with Louis and we chose to let Zayn know by going round there. I know it sounds really mean to get your bestfriend in trouble like this but is it really that bad when she's getting herself mixed up with things like that and you're only trying to help?..

"Have you spoke to him?" I ask sheepishly. "Sort off" she shrugs. "And?" I could tell she was hiding something; I've known her so long I can just tell. "He's gone" her tone changes and she looks away to the window, "He's gone and I haven't got a clue where". "I know you don't think it now, but you'll realise this is the best thing in the end". Her head turns to face me, "You don't understand Joe". She let tears drop beneath her lower lids as I just cradled her in my arms. "I'm sorry about what me and Emma did, we just knew what he's involved with". She stays silent and puts her arms round my back; still crying as I hug her. "You alright?" Zayn's familiar voice runs through the room. Becca pushes herself away from me and nods toward us both.


Becca's POV:

It's Tuesday and I'm back at school now. Honestly, I'm not doing great at all. I miss Louis so much. My parents and Zayn never found that note in my room so they didn't have a clue that I was planning on running away. They're all pretty satisfied with this whole outcome because I'm fine and Louis is gone. What they don't realise is I'm breaking inside- Yeah, I'm good at hiding things but I don't know whether I could hide this much longer. That night at the party I'd taken down Niall's and Harry's number because I'd spoke to them quite a bit and got friendly. Emma, Joe and I are sat in the school cafe; they're talking about something. I'm not really listening; just sitting here with masses of thoughts running through my mind. I take out my phone;

To: Niall              From: Becca

Could I see you later?


To: Becca          From: Niall

Yeah.. Um, 5 at the lake alright?


I send back my reply telling him I'd be there and insert my phone back into my jeans pocket. "Have you seen Louis? We haven't seen him in days" Louise's voice asks as her, Ellie and Lindsay walk by. I shake my head, not really knowing what to say, "No- not seen him either". It's not exactly a lie.. I haven't seen him. I keep myself to myself for the rest of the day; not even really talking to Emma and Joe. I decided to not hold a grudge against them for what they did. I kind of have no fight left in me anymore so it's just easier to forgive them.


Niall's POV:

"Hey" I tap Becca on the shoulder as she stands waiting by the lake, "What did you want me for?" She looks up at me and gulps, "Can I um.. Have some ya know?" she trails off. I click on to what she's asking for, "Oh right- I haven't got any of me" I lied. I do really but nothing I could actually sell, it was my own. That's not why I lied though, "I'm not so sure Louis would want you taking them when you're not around him" I say. "Well, Louis is gone, so I can do what I like". "What do you mean gone? Where? Why?" I was confused, I hadn't heard about this. "He left, I don't know where and that doesn't matter. Can you get me some or not?" she looks up at me; "I can get it somewhere else if not.." If she's going to take it, I'd rather her get from me; a reliable source. You never know what some people put in them. "Fine- come with me. I'll take you home and get you some." I sigh, dragging her away to my car.

We arrive at mine and I lead her inside and down to the back room where I keep it all. "So what did you want? Pills, something you smoke or inject?". She scans the room then turns to me, "I don't know, inject?" I shake my head and gather some needles and the drugs. "What are you using this for?" "Whenever I feel low, bring myself back up a bit. How much do I need to pay?" she shrugs. "It's fine, you don't need to. You always come to me for this though- never go to anyone else; you don't know what they're putting in it ok?" She nods as I pass her everything. "There's 4 needles there- don't use them all at the same time. Just eek them out over the next two weeks.." I give her the advice because I can clearly see this is out of her usual comfort zone. "You put it just there" I say pulling her arm from her sides and show her where it needs to go. "Thanks Niall" she smiles a little.


Becca's POV:

I wanted this because it reminds me of Louis- it's something I did with him. Yeah I only did it once but doesn't mean I can't like the way it makes you feel.. I want it so I can forget all the bad stuff that's happening recently and just enjoy myself. Forget about everything. I can tell Niall's wary about giving it to me, he keeps telling me what to do and constantly fidgets; observing me. "Right, we should get you home" his heavy and deep Irish tone speaks to me. He obviously hasn't lived here over here for long as his accent is still so strong. "I'm fine, I'll walk" I shake my head. "No- it's getting dark out now. There's all sorts out there". I don't argue; instead just follow him back to his car.

"If you feel like something's up- ring me and I'll help. Oh and don't forget what I told you" he smiles as I open the car door. "Thanks again Niall" I nod up at him with slight tears in my eyes. His arms wrap round me, "Come 'ere" he says whilst pulling me in toward his chest. He must have felt the tears drop down onto his t-shirt as he spoke the next words. "Now what's up? There's something you're not telling me", "I just miss Louis that's all. I don't want to be around my parents or Zayn; I'm unhappy at the moment." I let out a sigh. "Well, you're always welcome at mine. Whenever" I nod, "I best go or they'll wonder where I've got to. Thanks".

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