When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


6. Chapter 6


WARNING: This chapter may include mature content of descriptions of drug use, sex and/or violence. 15+)


Becca's POV: **skipping to the weekend (Saturday)**

I once again had another party to attend. Parties are always fun; I love them. You just dance away, drink and have a good time; shutting out your life for the rest of that night.

"I'm off out” I shout up to Zayn. He's the only one in tonight- mum and dad are both at work again. He comes running down the stairs almost instantly. “Where are you off to? And dressed like that?” he observes my outfit looking displeased. I was wearing a low-cut fitted crop top, high waisted denim shorts and red vans. “To a party with Emma and Joe- I'm staying at Emma's so you don't need to wait up for me”. He nods, relaxing and believing my story. “Enjoy yourself- be careful”. I wasn't really going to a party with Emma and Joe. I'm going to one with Louis. There's no way I can tell any of them though or I'd never be allowed to go. Louis was the only one I know at this party. They're his friends from outside of school so I know no one. He told me there was no need to dress up that much because it's more of a 'chilled' party. Whatever that meant.

“You look gorgeous as always babe” he looks me up and down. After a short while, the party eventually picks up and Louis has now introduced me to the majority of the people- not everyone because there's plenty here. “Lou! I sold em' for more than expected so I've been allowed to keep the rest as a treat” a boy who I recognize to be Niall makes his way to Louis and I with cigarettes in his hand. “Erm.. That's cool mate” Louis nods awkwardly. I soon realise they aren't just cigarettes; it's cannabis. And in his other hand were pills; which looked a lot like ecstasy pills to me.


Louis' POV:

You do drugs?” Becca questions me, looking a bit puzzled. “I sell them and well yeah-sometimes” It was awkward telling her this way. “Forget it- let's just enjoy ourselves” she smiles at me, not really bothered. After plenty of drinks, both me and Becca begin to fall drunk along with everyone else here at the party. Niall rejoins us, “Want some?” He hands me a bag of pills and the cannabis too. “You ever tried it?” he speaks in his heavy Irish tone to Becca. She shakes her head, “First time for everything though, right?” I smirk at her. “Yeah whatever”. I wouldn't say she was completely drunk- she still knew what she was doing. I lit it up, took it to my mouth and inhaled  “We'll start you off easy- see if you like it. I'll just pass it from my mouth to yours alright?” She nods and we do what I'd just said. “Like it?” I grin.


Becca's POV:

“Um, I don't know- just pass it here” I say grabbing it from Louis. I put it to my lips and inhale a puff of smoke deeply. “Light us up another- she can have that one” Louis smirks toward Niall. I'd never even smoked before but I liked it- the kick it gives you.. I just wanted more. “These?” Niall waves a packet of tablets infront of me. I ignore him and turn back to Louis. “You're so hot, you know that?” I whisper in his ear. His hands trail down to my bum; squeezing it gently. “Yeah, and so are you” the rasp in his voice sends shivers over my body. “I like this side of you” he licks his lips before kissing me hard. After even more alcohol and dancing, I know I'm drunk but I don't bother to stop. I just want to enjoy myself- might aswell take it to the limit. “Wanna try these now?” Louis bites his lip as I sway slightly. I nod and he passes me a pill. I swallow it down; him and Niall doing the same. To be honest, I think everyone at this party is drinking and taking drugs anyway. I've gathered that's what Louis meant by 'chilled party' by now.


Niall's POV:

“Where you staying tonight bro?” I ask Louis. “Probably gonna crash upstairs; Harry's never bothered anyway”. “She's a keeper you know” I say licking my lips as Becca dances seductively, completely out of it. “Yeah- hands off. She's all mine” Louis retorts grinning. He makes his way to her and places his hands in her back pockets. He sure has done well with this one. She's stunning and the way she is; that's just even better.


Louis' POV:

“Lets go upstairs babe” I whisper in Becca's ear as she falls against my chest. She nods and I lead her up the stairs and into Harry's spare room which he always lets me stay in whenever he throws one of these parties. I take off my clothes and shoes; Becca doing the same. I wrap her legs around my waist and carry her to the bed; our lips not parting. I take away Becca's underwear; doing the same with mine and leave us bare against each others skin. I insert myself into her; thrusting hard and deep. She lets out some moans before grabbing my neck and smashing our lips together. I roll over so she's now on top of me. She takes my place and does what I was doing to her. Zayn's name flashes up on her phone as it continues to ring. We both ignore it; letting it cut off and I roll her back over so I'm on top of her once again. We both let out moans as we nearly reach that high. “Your phones ringing again” I whisper in her ear then kiss her neck. She nods, “Just answer it and get them out of the way”.

I slide the bar across and place it to my ear; leaving kisses on Becca's lips. “Bec- I know you're not with Emma and Joe. They came round 10 minutes ago” I hear Zayn's voice and put it on loudspeaker; allowing Becca to her the conversation. As I thrust into her even more, a moan escapes her lips. I kiss them; silencing the noise whilst laughing. “What are you doing? Where are you Becca?” His voice now sounds irritated. “Are you with Louis?” he obviously heard our laughing. “Look, I'm currently having sex with your sister so we'd appreciate it if you'd kindly fuck off”. Both me and Becca burst out laughing as I end the call. Not long after doing so; we reach our highs and both relax; laying beside one another.


Zayn's POV:

“I'm gonna kill him!” I shout; slamming my phone against the sofa. Joe and Emma are still with me. “She's with him” I grit my teeth. “She told us, it was over!” Both of them look down, not saying a word. “You knew?” “It was only pushing them together anyway Zayn.. We figured if she finds out for herself about the drugs and the gangs; she'd leave” Joe says. “Well, obviously not” I snap. “Did you speak to her? What did she say?” Emma speaks up. “Sort of.” I bluntly reply. “And? What were they doing?” Joe carries on. “Having sex at some party by the sounds of it.” I grit my teeth and clench my fists. That's my little sister and I've just had to hear that over the phone. He really disgusts me. “It's not going to be a party round here- it'll be with that lot he knows out of school” Emma says. I think of all the things he's involved with. The drugs, the drinking; gangs, everything. “The only thing we can do is wait til' the morning when she comes home.. We can stay here with you?” Joe politely offers. I nod, agreeing with them. Where are your parents when you need them the most? Oh, that's right. At work, where they always are.

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