When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


5. Chapter 5

Becca's POV:

My phone rings loudly in my ear causing me to shoot up. I take a look at the time but not bothering to look at the caller ID- it's 9am in the morning and my head is pounding from last night. “Hello?” “Someone sounds sleepy! Wanna meet me?” I hear Louis' voice. “Bec- who are you speaking to- you woke me up!” Joe shouts shoving me gently. “Who's that? Where are you?” Louis questions. “Shh, I'm on the phone!” I reply to Joe and then to Louis, “I'm still at Joe's. I can come now if you want?”. He agrees and I hang up; quickly touching up my make-up and re-styling my hair. “I'll see you at school tomorrow” I nod to Emma and Joe who were both awake but laying on their air-beds. “See ya tomorrow!”

“I've missed you” Louis picks me up and hugs me. It's been 3 days since we last saw each other- he wasn't in school Thursday or Friday and because of the party yesterday I didn't see him then. “I've missed you too”. We take a walk along the park- it has a massive field and lake. At this time of the morning, no one is ever about; they're still in bed. “So.. I didn't know you can dance” Louis winks at me. Confused, I ask him “What are you on about?”. “I saw the video from last night's party on Facebook.” Still confused, I ask again, “What video?” “This one” he plays a video of me and Joe dancing to Pour Some Sugar on me. “OMG, someone must have taken that without me noticing” I get embarrassed. “Obviously!” he replies sarcastically. “Don't get embarrassed- you can dance” he licks his lips.


Louis' POV:

“Did you and Joe do anything?” I look to the floor. “What?! NO! Louis why would you say that?” She seemed a little hurt. “It's just the way you were both dancing together and I've seen the things people were posting saying you were together all night and both 'the life of the party' last night..” “Louis, I was drunk last night. No- infact obliterated. But I know that nothing happened. Joe is one of my best friends, we're close and enjoy each other's company just the same as me and Emma. I wouldn't do that to you. I love you and that's all there is to say”. Her eyes were full of sadness, I felt guilty.. I knew she'd never betray me and get with someone else but I just had to ask to clear it from my thoughts. “Ok, I believe you; sorry for asking and I love you too” I place my lips to hers. “My head is pounding” she pouts. “Come back to mine? I'll get you some tablets and you can have a sleep”. She nods following me to my car and hopping in.


Becca's POV:

“That party was unreal Joe!” Josh walks up to us. He pulls Emma to his side and gives her a quick kiss. “So you two are an item now then aye?” I wink at Emma who was blushing red. They both nod. “Yeah thanks for coming; have to do it again sometime” Joe continues.

Joe and I have our first two lessons together; Science because he's been moved into my class for some reason. “You're alright sitting with me and Lou yeah?” I sheepishly ask him. “Yeah- it's fine” he nods. The next two hours go fairly quick.


Joe's POV:

It killed me inside seeing Becca happy with him. I mean Louis of all people. I shake my head trying to erase my thoughts of us ever being together. “JOE, JOE” she snaps her fingers infront of me. “Mmm?” “You were daydreaming” she giggles. I smile and slouch back in my chair. I was half and half listening to their conversation. “Can't you sneak out? Or I sneak in tonight babe?” Louis smirks at her. “You know I can't and there's no way you can come round mine- you know that” her voice trembles slightly as she laughs a little. I fade out their voices and enter a world of my own. To be honest, I don't really fancy sitting here watching them be all loved up when I knew how bad for her he was.


Becca's POV:

“I'm waiting you know” I couldn't see him but I knew he was probably smirking. “I can't” I whisper into the phone. “I just want to see my girlfriend alone- I only get to see you at school and its never for long” he groans. “Fine, I'll be over in 10” I smile and hang up the phone. Louis' house was only a 10 minute walk from mine. I'm already dressed from earlier so I leave straight away. Dad and Zayn are downstairs and mum's still at work; she's coming home tomorrow morning. “I'm going for a walk- I don't know how long I'll be” I leave a kiss on my dads cheek and flash a smile toward Zayn. “A walk? At this time?” he questions. “Yes Zayn. A walk and at this time. I used to do it all the time last Summer remember?” He didn't say anymore because he knew I was right and nothing he was going to say would make it seem as if I were lying. Good- got away with that one.

I knock on Louis' door. His house is different to mine. It's a lot smaller. He told me he's the only one who lives there; his mum doesn't stay there anymore. He told me how she's gone off with her new boyfriend and started a new life; leaving the house for him. He opens up the door, leading me inside. “So what do you wanna do?” “Well.. You know when we were at yours? And Zayn walked in on us” he steps closer, hovering over me as my back leant against the wall. “Mhmm” I nod. “Well if it wasn't for Zayn I think it would have gone further..” he pauses and lingers his lips over mine, “Don't you?” he teases. I nod once again and bite down on my lip. “So.. Maybe we should carry that on but here?” he's tone lowers but stays deep. I press my lips against his and he doesn't resist. Both of us let the kiss become more heated. He picks me up and carries me to his room. Then places me on his bed, before undressing both of us. The rest went fairly quick but felt like forever. And yes. I think you can guess we had sex..


Louis' POV:

I woke up with Becca by my side. My phone said 9am- we were late for school. “Bec- wake up. We're late for school.” she groans tossing around in the covers slightly. Then comes to realisation, “I never went home last night!” she keeps her eyes focused on the ceiling thinking about something. “You know we could always skip again today?” her head turns slowly to face mine. “Getting a little rebel now aren't we?” I wink, “Suits me fine”. “Want some breakfast?” she shakes her head, “I'm ok thanks”. Her phone rings and I can only hear her side of the conversation. Bored, I start kissing her neck and face.


Becca's POV:

“No, I'm not-” I stop and start giggling lightly as Louis tickles and prods my side trying to re-occupy me. “Where are you? I can't speak to you properly while you're being like that” Emma's voice sounded agitated. “Sorry, I'll-” Louis interrupts me once again. This time straddling my waist and leaving a red mark on my neck causing me eyes to flutter shut quickly. “Bec- you still there? Becca!” Emma begins to sound even more irritated than before. “Yeah- look I'll call you later ok?”. I hang up before she can say anymore and look up at Louis; who is still straddling my waist. “Nice bed hair” I ruffle my hand through it. “Thanks” he winks and kisses me once again.

We spend the whole day together; relaxing and enjoying ourselves. I was dreading going home though- I still haven't thought of what I'm going to tell them yet. It's even worse because my mum will be home too now. “What am I going to tell them?” I look at Louis nervously. “Just say you fell asleep by the lake last night” “Yeah- because they're going to believe that” I frown as he was making a joke from it all. “You do realise that if they ever found out I was with you, they'd go mental? So you best help me decide on a little story” I raise my eyebrow. His face turns more serious, “Yeah- um.. Can't you say you stayed at Emma's last night?” “Yeah- hope they don't ask her if I actually did though” “And school- just say you felt ill so her mum said she should stay off; sorted!” he looks fairly pleased with himself. “You can be so cute sometimes” I state. “I don't mind you saying that here but not when we're around everyone else” he laughs, “they'll think I'm soft and a push over”. He leant over; hugging me once more.


“And where were you last night?” dad bombards me as soon as I step through the door. “I stayed at Emma's- I felt ill and couldn't be bothered to walk back here; her house was closer than ours”. “And school?” mum adds in looking rather annoyed. “Emma's mum rang them for me- said I was ill and she told me to stay in bed for the day. I had a migraine again”. I suffered from migraines quite a lot so I knew using this excuse was a good one. “I still feel a bit rough- I'm going to shower then sleep for school in the morning”. To my surprise; they left me alone.

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