When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


4. Chapter 4 **skipping 3 months**

Becca's POV:

I'd actually done pretty well with keeping mine and Louis' relationship a secret from my parents and Zayn. Surprisingly, Joe and Emma actually have kept their promise and not said a word to Zayn or anyone else for that matter. “See you later!” I yell from the door. “How are you getting home?” my dad shouts from the living room. “Um, Emma's mum should bring me back.. If not can you?” I call back. “Ok, if you need us, just ring. Enjoy yourself hunnie” I hear my mums voice echo through the house. I was off to Joe's birthday party. It's his 18th so he's throwing one at his house. “Do I look ok? I don't know if I do?” Emma hums. “Emma, you've changed 5 times already, just hurry up. It'll be over by the time we get there”. Eventually she decides on wearing a peplum dress and small heels. I was wearing a denim skater skirt, a cream blouse tucked in and my new white vans. I'm fairly tall and don't really feel the need to wear heels- plus it's a house party so I'd feel over the top wearing heels too.

“BEC! EM!” Joe shouts making his way to us. His house was full; people everywhere. “Happy Birthday!” I pull him in for a hug, Emma following my lead. “I'm going to get a drink” Emma walks off, “Don't lie you've just seen Josh by the drinks on his own” Joe giggles. I laugh too; making Emma turn bright red, “Shut up you two!”. "You look lovely tonight Bec” “Thanks, you too” I repay the compliment smiling. “Can I get you a drink?” I nod walking to the kitchen with him.

The night goes past quite quickly. Extremely fast actually. The majority of those at the party were drunk, including myself, Joe and Emma. Talking of Emma she headed off with Josh and couple of the others. Me and Joe stayed together dancing away; being our crazy selves. “Why don't you and Emma stay here tonight? You know Zayn and your parents will be ok with it. It's me- they love me” he slurs and grins. I nod, “Yeah- I'll let them know when it finishes!” I smile. “OMG! I love this one!” I squeal as 'Pour Some Sugar on me” started playing. Joe knew I loved the film Coyote Ugly so he must have put it on the playlist on purpose. “I know! Time to do that dancing you always do” he throws his head back with laughter. I begin dancing just like the girls in Coyote Ugly; how they do on the bar except I was in Joe's house.. In the living room. Everyone was dancing along too. “Is this my birthday treat or something?” he laughs. “What are you on about?” I carry on dancing. “Well, I have a stunning girl dancing sexily in front of me so..” he trails off. “SHUT UPP” I trail out the last word, “You know I love this song!” We both laugh and he starts dancing too. Once the song is finished he passes me another drink. Not that we needed anymore- it's safe to say we were all completely wasted. Tonight's been so good!” I laugh laying against Joe's arm and watching Emma say bye to Josh. “I'll call my parents- let them know I'm staying here”.

I find my dads number in my recent contacts and call it-

“Dad, I'm staying here tonight” I slur. “And how do I know you're actually where you say you are Bec? You could be anywhere for all I know” he mumbles. “Hang on! I'll Facetime you and show you” I sigh. “HI!!” I exclaim as the camera pops up on screen. “Right, now show me” he provokes me to continue. I stand to my feet, pulling Joe with me. “Oops” I laugh as we both stumble a bit. “Becca- how much have you drunk?” my mum walks into the camera view. “This is Joe's mum; Jean! Jean's lovely, mum you've met Jean before”. Jean just smiles and waves to the camera. “And then there's Emma!” I laugh showing both of them separately. Zayn also appears on the screen as mum walks away letting them two deal with me. “Hi Brian. ZAYN!” Joe almost shouts a little too loud and giggles. “She'll be ok. She's with Joe- you can trust him dad and he's mum is there anyway” I sit down on one of the stools in the kitchen as they start talking to one another. Joe follows me and does the same; resting his head against my shoulder so my dad and Zayn can see us on the other side. “Ok- we'll see you in the morning, night love”. “Night!” Joe adds in before me; making both Zayn and my dad laugh. “I don't think that was meant to be for you, idiot” I look at him grinning. “Night” I say before hanging up the Facetime call.


Joe's POV:

Everyone had gone home- leaving just me, Emma and Becca. Also my mum who was asleep in her room. I'd had a brilliant night tonight; I spent most of it with Becca. I know I shouldn't, but all night I've had the urge to kiss her. It's nothing new though. I guess I just need to move aside my feelings for now.. “Night Em, Bec” I nod to them both. We'd laid out the air-beds in the front room so we were all together. I received murmurs back. They'd not long hit the pillow and were both more-a-less sound asleep.

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