When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


3. Chapter 3

Louis' POV:

"Lets just skip today" I say as Becca comes down the road and joins my side. I give her a quick kiss on the lips and hug round the waist. "I can't. If my parents or Zayn find out they'll g-" "They won't" I cut her off. I take out my phone from my jeans pocket, "Louis what are you doi-" I silence her words with my fingers, by placing them on her lips. "Hi, it's Becca's dad. I'm just ringing to say she won't be attending school today- she's got a severe migraine. She should be back in tomorrow as normal. Ok, thanks. Bye". "LOUIS!" Becca squeals. "See, easy as that" I smirk, "guess we have to skip now don't we?". She bites her lip slightly, "I don't have any clothes apart from my uniform; I'm not staying in this all day". "Zayn's going to college in like 5 minutes, your parents are at work- no one will be in. You can go back and get some clothes." She pulls me round the corner; just inside the alleyway. She pulled my chest close to hers. "What did you do that for?" I ask a bit confused. "I could see Zayn coming up the road in his car" she giggles. Our faces were nearly touching, "You know I could get used to this" I lean in and kiss her; closing the already small space between us. "Infact. Why don't we just stay at yours for the day.. Seeing as no one's in?" She smiles and agrees.


Becca's POV:

It's really hot again today. Well for British weather anyway. “I'll just go get changed” I smile at Louis leaving him downstairs in my living room. I gaze through my wardrobe and pick an outfit out. I slip off my uniform and undo the buttons on my high waisted shorts as I turn around. “LOUIS! When did you come in?” I grab the clothes and cover my body. “Just after you took off your uniform. You don't need to cover up, I don't mind” he licks his lips and chuckles. “Yeah, I'm sure you don't! Now if you wouldn't mind I'd like to get changed” I giggle. “And you can” his usual mischievous smirk re-appears on his face. “On my own” I change my tone and he gets up and waits outside; shutting the door behind him. I slip on the t-shirt which had a pair of lips in the middle. I then put on my ripped denim shorts on which have studs all over one side; keeping the t-shirt tucked in. I left off my vans as there's no need to wear them. “You can come in now” I shout through to Louis. He strolls back in, “You look nice” he observing my outfit. I then noticed he wasn't wearing his uniform, “When did you change?” “I didn't- I never had my uniform on in the first place” he laughs. “Oh, you'd planned this all out” I grin. He nods and replies, “Yep- I wanted to spend the whole day with my beautiful girlfriend”. I hug his waist, “So what are we going to do?” “Watch a film or something.. Just lay in bed all day and relax” he smiles. We settle on a film together and snuggle up on my bed; laying on top of the covers. “Do you mind if I take my t-shirt off?” “No- why would I?” I let out a small laugh. “It's just you were uncomfortable earlier when I was in here whilst you were getting changed.. Don't want to make you uncomfortable by doing this” he smiles. “Yeah, that's because it was me and I only had my underwear on.. I'm fine with you taking it off Lou, you don't need to ask” I laugh at how cute he was being and so does he. He takes off his shirt and reveals his perfectly toned body. “We've got a film to watch not my abs” he chuckles deeply. I shove his arm playfully “shut up”.


Louis' POV:

I put my arm round the back of Becca so her head was resting against it and shuffle down even closer so I faces were almost touching. “I love you”. “Shame I don't love you back” she tries keeping a straight face. I tickle her sides, “you might want to take that back!” Through her laughter she manages to speak, “Or what?” “Or this” I reply; hovering over her. I tease her by making our faces even closer than before and brushing my lips against her but not actually kissing them, then move away to lie on my back and laugh. “You owe me an apology first”. She playfully leans her head over mine. “I'm sorry- I love you too” she pouts jokingly. I pull head down to mine and kiss her hard. Her left hand travels to my waist as she uses her right arm to keep herself propped up; my hands were both still behind her head, keeping our lips locked together. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!” Becca jumps up and turns to the door where the shouting came from. I to, turn my head to find a very angry Zayn stood there watching us both with a tensed jaw. “Wh-why aren't you in college?” Becca sits up looking worried. “Joe text me asking where you were and I guessed you'd be here”. She gulped and I put my hand on hers, “MOVE YOUR HAND AWAY AND GET OUT BEFORE I THROW YOU OUT” he shouts at me. I retrieve my t-shit from the floor and pull it over my head and the same with my shoes but placing them on my feet. I stand up and so does Becca. I leave a kiss on her cheek.


Zayn's POV:

"Did I or did I not just tell you to get out of here?!" my raised voice echoes through the room. "Zayn it's got nothing to do with you" Becca shouts straight after me. "Don't worry babe- I'll call you later". That's it, I told him not once but twice to get out. I grab his t-shirt pulling him out of the room, downstairs and outside. He pushes me back causing me to let go. "You're gonna wish you hadn't done that mate" I throw a few punches to his stomach; overriding the voice of Becca shouting at me to get off him. He throws a couple back but does no harm to me. I pin him against the wall using his shirt to hold him back, “I don't want you anywhere near my sister. GOT IT?” I grit my teeth with my fists clenched against his top. I release my grip and allow him to walk away, “Whatever mate” he shakes his head and continues down the road. “Why did you just do that?! I hate you Zayn” Becca cries and runs to her room. I follow her up and enter as she plops herself down on the bed. “Bec, I don't want you seeing him. He's not right for you; he's a bad influence” “There you go again. You're beginning to sound like mum and dad more and more each day” she spitefully speaks, “What does it matter if I'm happy? He hasn't done anything wrong”. “I walk up here to find him topless and you kissing him like that- what do you expect me to do? Leave you to it when it's not right?” I raise my voice slightly. “We wasn't doing anything” she defends the pair of them. “It sure looked that way” I say sarcastically. “We was watching a film Zayn! He took his top off because he was hot and we were only kissing. Last time I checked that wasn't against the law! Not that I have to explain myself to you” she spits out. “I don't care, you're still not seeing him again Bec- he's bad news” I say jumping up from her bed and leaving her alone.


Becca's POV: 

I'm sorry about that earlier xx- Becca


Don't be, this doesn't change anything between us does it? xx- Louis


No, I just cant' let my parents or Zayn find out anymore xx- Becca


Ok, meet me at school gates tomorrow babe. I love you xx- Louis


I replied back to Louis before setting my phone down on my bedside table and falling asleep.


I met Louis at the school gates as we arranged the night before. “I'm sorry he hit you” I observe the light bruise he had on his eye and the small cut on the corner of his lip. “It's fine Bec- it's nothing.. I've had worse” he smiles to reassure me. “I've got photography first, I'll meet you outside later” I give Louis a hug before walking off.

"Why did you call Zayn yesterday?" I keep my voice down but my tone angry. "You weren't in and usually you tell us why" Emma shrugs. "Or it's more like you knew I was with Louis and wanted to get me in trouble" I say annoyed. "We just don't think you should be mixing with him Bec" Joe adds. "Yeah, well I'll find that out for myself- just stay out of my business please" I let my anger cool. "We're sorry it's just we don't want to see you get hurt that's all" Emma sighs a little. I felt guilty for being annoyed at them. But I just wish everyone would let me make up my own mind and leave me to it. “Look- I'm sorry for being annoyed. I just wish everyone would let me make up my own mind” I take the seat next to Joe. “Right well we're only looking out for you, ok?” Emma half smiles. “So we all friends again?” Joe grins too “Just promise me you won't run back to Zayn anymore telling him what I'm doing all the time?” They both nod as I smile, “Good, glad that one's sorted”. The rest of the day goes pretty slow up until lunchtime, "I sorted it with Emma and Joe.. They're going to stop running back to Zayn from now on, they promised" I smile up at Louis. "Good- I'm glad that on'es sorted" he leaves a kiss on my forehead.


Emma's POV:

"I guess we're going to have to let her find out about the drugs and everything else by herself; it's the only way she'll learn. She's not that stupid to fall into all that anyway” I tell Joe and he nods. Zayn had told us the other day how Louis was involved with gangs and drug dealing/taking them etc. No one else knew this in school though- it was something he did outside of school. This being the reason his was either late or had to go places every now and then. Joe and I couldn't tell anyone though. We had to keep it between us or else it'd fall back on Zayn. We both stick to our promises; neither of us had told anyone else and we won't be either.

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