When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


2. Chapter 2

**1 week later**

"Why can't I just tell them I'm with you?" Louis groans as we walk to school together. "Because I don't want you losing all your friends- they don't like me remember". "I don't care though.. I want to be able to hold your hand infront of everyone, kiss you, hug you. I'm not ashamed and if I lose them, then they weren't real friends in the first place." he states not easing up on the subject. "If it's what you want but I'm not so certain on it". He grins widely, "Well I am!".

We enter the school gates, hand in hand. I see Joe nudge Emma as I walk past, "Bec! Over here!" Emma shouts out to me. "Can I just go see them quick?" Louis nods and lets me go over alone. He leans against the wall, using his phone. "Since when did you get on with Louis?!" Emma asks. "Since a week ago- we found out that we've both always liked each other and it just went from there" I grin. "So you're dating him then?". I nod, "since last Wednesday". "Bec- you know his got a bad reputation, I really don't think it's a good idea" Joe frowns. "Yeah.. You can't always listen to what others say Joe" I pause and it becomes awkward. "I've gotta go, I'll catch up with you at lunch". I walk back to Louis who was still leaning against the wall. We make our way into the school; Louis' arm was wrapped round my waist. Several people gave a look because they were just plain nosey. Until we reach Louise and Ellie. "Louis, what are you doing?" they laugh. I gulp and look up at Louis, "Walking to class with my girlfriend" he replies bluntly. They both hail with laughter, "You're not being serious right?" He lets out a loud, fake laugh sarcastically, "yeah I am." Their faces soon change, "Oh, well er- we've gotta go" they walk off with red cheeks, slightly taken back by Louis' reaction. Next up was facing the rest of them. Great. "I knew you'd do it eventually" a boy who I know is Dylan says to Louis. I look up at him, slightly confused. "Oh, it's alright- it's just he's liked you for ages" he smiles. Dylan had never actually bothered me before- he was nicer one from their group and would smile or be polite to everyone. "Oh" I giggle slightly as my cheeks colour red. Surprisingly all through Math, his friends were actually growing on me- they all seemed pretty pleased and happy with Louis and I's relationship. "You know I'm really sorry for the way we've all been with you. You're actually not bad" Kaylee leans over and tells me. "Thanks- I guess you aren't that bad either" I smile. For once, I didn't dread the rest of the day.

"See, I knew they'd all be fine with it!" Louis exclaims, "Not that I needed their permission anyway" he rambles off. I giggle, "It's quite nice, for once I'm actually getting along with them all". "That's because they've finally realised that you aren't what they thought you were, just like I did except it's taken them a lot longer". "What did they think of me?" the curiosity got the better of me and I asked him. "The girls were just plain jealous because you're really pretty and they knew they could get to you by saying all that stuff. And as for the boys.. well they just played along because they wanted to fit in. Except Dylan- he could see past them all and didn't bother you.. he was the only one who knew I liked you for so long" I nod at him smiling and left the conversation be. "I've got Geography babe, I'll see you at lunch. Meet me by that tree out there" he says pointing to the one which was situated at the beginning of our school field.

The hour passed quite quickly and soon enough I was back with Louis and his friends. I wouldn't exactly call them my friends just yet- it's building but it'll take some time. Today was really nice- the sun was beaming and it was boiling outside. "I've gotta go do something. I should be back before the end of lunch, see you later" Louis says as he takes me away from the group. I nod and wander off to find Emma and Joe. "There you are! We've been looking for you!" Joe says happily. I laugh and we sit on the bench just outside the school cafe. "So where's Louis?" Emma soon questions me. "Oh, he had to go do something- he'll be back before the end of lunch" I smile, "Have I missed anything?" I ask. There's usually some sort of drama that happens in the other classes which I'm not in. "Not really- today's been so boring" "Yeah, I can't wait to get out of this uniform and into something nice and cooler" I say, taking off my blazer. "Same, it should be against the law for us to wear uniform in this heat!" Emma squeals. Me and Joe laugh at her before he replies, "Wouldn't take it that far Em, it's not that hot". The school bell rings and we make our way to class; Photography. This means we're all in the same lesson for the first time today. "I love having double photography as our last lesson, it's always so fun" Joe giggles as we enter the room.

I start walking home by myself because there'd been no sign of Louis since he left earlier."You never came back at lunch?" I speak through the phone to Louis. "I know, sorry. I had to do something- took a little longer than expected." he pauses, "I can come over in a bit if you want?" he asks. "Um, yeah. Should be ok- I'll text you when I'm in; nearly there now". "Ok, see ya babe" he hangs up.


"Zayn, you in?" I call out. The house seemed pretty quiet. Mum and dad were obviously at work still. "Yeah in the kitchen!" he shouts back. I walk in after dropping my bag in the hallway. "How was school?" "Yeah- pretty good today" I smile. "Anything interesting happen?" he asks. "Not really, had a big catch up with Emma and Joe then messed about with photo shoots last lesson" I grinned thinking back to how silly we was each being. "So there's nothing else you wanna tell me?" he questioned me further. I stood there slightly awkward. He sighed, "Infact don't answer that". He pauses before continuing to talk once more, "So what's this about you and Louis Tomlinson dating?" I cleared my throat, "How did you know?" "Because I talk to Joe- he told me this morning" "Why was you talking to Joe?" I tried changing the subject. "You know why- he's a good friend Becca." It was true; they were good friends. Although Joe is in the year below, when Zayn was at our school they used to talk and that's how I got to know him; through Zayn. Just because Zayn's at college now it didn't effect their friendship. "Yeah.." I fidgeted around. "Well, I doubt mum and dad are going to be happy with this, there's no way you're seeing him" he snaps. "You can't stop me Zayn- what's so bad about him?!" I raise my voice. "You know about his reputation- he's a bad influence on you". "You sound just like mum and dad. I thought I could always come to you" I snap at him. "And you still can, I just don't want my sister getting mixed in with the things he does." he finishes and walks away. I pour a glass of orange and take it to my room, on the way dialing Louis' number.

"Hey babe, want me to come over yet?" "I don't really think that's a good idea.. Zayn's annoyed because I'm with you, mum and dad will be back any minute now and he's going to tell them too. I'll have to see you at school tomorrow instead." He groans, "Ok, I'll wait outside yours tomorrow morning then?" I stop listening to Louis as I hear raised voices from downstairs and then banging at my door, "Becca you're not seeing him- I won't allow it" my dad yells from the other side. "Erm, I wouldn't do that either- maybe you should just wait at the end of the road" "Sounds like your parents are pretty pissed?" he giggles a bit. "Yeah that's what I thought" I let out a small laugh too. "Ok, see you tomorrow".

"Becca, open the door now! Or I will kick it down". "I was in the bathroom- sorry" I frown, lying. My house is fairly big so I have an en-suite; allowing my lie to be a bit more believable. "Fine- I said I'm not allowing you to see him. He's bad for you" I don't even get a chance to reply before he walks back down the stairs.

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