When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


20. Chapter 18

Becca's POV:

"Becca-Becca. Are you alright? What happened?" Louis' voice is the first thing I hear as I feel myself coming to. As my eyes gradually open, I see Zayn who is stood over me; patting my head with a wet flannel, Louis by my side and mum standing to her feet. "Your dads just on the phone to a doctor, I'll get you a drink" she tells me, leaving myself, Zayn and Louis alone. Pushing my arms against the carpet covering our stairs, I rearrange my position, "Can you help me to my room please?"


Louis' POV:

She fainted again. I thought the doctor said she was getting better. How was it just a virus if she's still fainting now it's gone and when she's been fine recently too? "So I had the weirdest thing. I could hear you and Zayn arguing but it felt so real like it was actually happening". Well, yeah we was arguing; it's probably the last thing she remembers hearing before blacking out. "Oh we was" I lower my voice, hoping she won't hear me. She's just fainted- she doesn't need the stress of me and her brother arguing, again. Her eyes squint together whilst she gives me an hurtful look, "So I am just a plan to you? There's no feelings involved- all to hurt Zayn? Oh and you can tell 'Adam' that the deals off because so are-" Ok, I'm completely lost here. What the hell is she going on about? "Wait. What? Who's Adam? I Deal? What deal? Becca, you're really confusing me right now. Are you sure you're ok?" Yes Zayn and I were arguing about mine and Becca's relationship but that's just because he doesn't like me. He's always been there to look after her and now I'm here he doesn't like it and especially since my reputation isn't great either; that's something he doesn't want for his little sister. A puzzled look spreads across Becca's face as she speaks quietly, "But you said Zayn was in a gang and he knew I'm just a plan to hurt him. A deal with Adam". I shake my head, taking in a deep breath. "No Becca. Yes we was arguing before we heard you faint. But that's because he doesn't like me not because there's a deal with some person who I don't even know" a small laugh escapes my mouth, "Plus, can you really imagine Zayn in a gang? You've dreamt it when you blacked out- it will feel realistic especially since we were arguing beforehand". She grins ever so slightly and mimics the word 'oh' after realising it was a dream. It isn't just the fact that we was arguing before is it though? She's been like this for ages- dreaming about things that haven't or aren't happening. Most nights I've stayed with her anyway. "Bec, I know you're scared about that other gang. Don't you think I realise how when you sleep you constantly talk and fidget as if it's horrible and you want to escape? Just tell me so I can help".

"Sorry was talking to your dad. You're going to the doctors in half an hour ok?" her mum interrupts. "I can take her; bring her back straight away" I smile. This will give us a chance to speak properly without anyone else listening in. Sarah (Becca's mum) nods with a smile to give her acceptance.


Becca's POV:

"I dream about what they'll do near enough every night. It's horrible- even worse when you're not there. I just want it to stop.. I'm scared" the words rush off my tongue and finally I inhale deeply to catch my breath once more. Louis just hugs me and tells me he'll be there for me and that nothing will happen. Even he can't say that. He knows full well of what they're capable of and as he said before; whatever they plan to do, they will do it. I'm just glad what I dreamt earlier isn't real at all.


Louis' POV:

It worked out in the end that the pills they'd given Becca were way too strong, although they'd killed off the virus it caused her to faint again because of the dosage being too high and strong. Glad that one's sorted. To be honest, I actually don't know how to help Becca with not sleeping.. Other than being there myself or listening to her.



A/N: This is just a filler chapter so sorry it's so short and not good. Will be updating again shortly :)

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