When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


19. Chapter 17

Louis' POV:

"How you feeling babe?" I stand over Becca's bedside as she wakes for the first time in a couple of days. "Louis" she croaks. I put my hand in hers to assure her I'm here next to her. "You need to go. If anyone knows you're here-" Brian cuts her off by speaking and stepping beside me. "Me and your mum said he can stay" he pats my shoulder, at the same time giving me a half smile.

"You need the toilet" she frowns jokingly. "How did you know?" I grin as she sits herself up a little further on the bed. "Because you're fidgeting now GO!" A small, light giggle sounds from her mouth as I lean over to place a kiss on her cheek. I don't care if her parents and Zayn are here right now, I've been worried about her and need to show her affection so I will.


Becca's POV:

Louis left for the toilet leaving myself, mum and dad in my hospital room together. Zayn? He's probably outside sulking because Louis' here too. "He hasn't left your bedside since you came in" mum gazes up at me whilst taking my hand in hers. I can't help but smile thinking of how protective and caring Louis is over me. "Me and your mum have been thinking" Dad speaks up from my other side. "We're going to let you see Louis from now on". Mum also interrupts, "There's no point keeping away because that hasn't worked." My face lights up, "Really?" Surprisingly, a small grin appears on dads' face, "Mhm" he nods, "I never thought I'd say this, not about Louis anyway. But I think he's.. right for you. He makes my little girl happy and over these last 2 days, I've seen a different side to him". Mum also nods to agree with dad. I wonder if Zayn knows? It's nothing to do with him anyway, I have my parents approval so that's all that matters I guess.


Louis' POV: ** 2 weeks later**

"Get a room you two!" Several of the others shout toward me and Becca. Becca's pinned up against the locker as I lean over her. I hadn't seen her in a week so we needed to make up for that time now. Our lips haven't parted for several minutes seeing as we've ended up in a rather long and hot make-out session. "Yeah, go get a room Lou" Lindsay's voice sounds nearer than expected. "Sounds like a good idea" I smirk and bite Becca's lip ever so gently to end our kiss. "I'm not with Josh anymore. Deals off" Emma almost chirps from by our side. "Ha. Same here babe. Go tell anyone you want- won't get you anywhere". Becca stands infront of me whilst fixing her hair at the same time, "Mum and dad approve so go tell them or Zayn; they already know".


"Please don't say anything to Zayn, you know what he's like" Becca's been worried all day yesterday and today about this dinner that I'm having round at hers. "Relax! I'm not going to" I smile; putting her at ease.

Dinner goes by fairly slowly but surprisingly it's actually enjoyable because her parents are making an effort to get to know me. "So can I be certain that you're going to look after my daughter Louis?" Brian asks. "Of course. I know what you all think of me but I'm being honest when I say this.. Becca's changed me; I'm trying my hardest to start afresh". I receive a rather proud look from both her parents. What I said is true though. Zayn's kept himself to himself all evening. Infact, I don't think it's me Becca wants to worry about; he's been giving me jibes all night.


Zayn's POV:

This dinner is a joke. How can you change your mind on someone within two days?! If they really knew what he's done we'd be back where we started; neither of them seeing each other. Louis' gone to the toilet; my excuse is I'm going to my room to call my 'girlfriend'. Once out of sight of everyone else, I tug against the back of Louis' t-shirt and pull him to my room where I pin him tightly against the wall. "I want you to leave my sister alone" my teeth are pressed tightly together as I speak. "We're getting closer and closer each day mate- not gonna happen" he smirks and my grip around his shirt tightens. "What is your problem with us being together?" 


Becca's POV:

Louis' been gone ages so I'd gone to look for him. Halfway up the stairs, I can feel my legs buckle from beneath me when I slam against the steps. Everything falls silent and becomes dark.


The conversation coming from Zayn's room seemed a lot more intriguing. Until I realised it was him and Louis. "You don't even fucking love her, it's all an act. Don't you think I have contacts too? I know what's going on and I've been well informed". I can see Zayn's jaw tensing as Louis continues to smile so cockily. "Yes in the beginning it was all fake but I wasn't meant to actually fall for her. This is all your doing- your punishment". "I suggest you quit what you and you're little 'gang' are upto with my sister before I take this to the next level" his grips loosens and gradually he lets go; taking a few steps back. Louis leans forward to close that space between them once again, "And I suggest that you shut the fuck up before I tell everyone about you, the gang you're in and what you've done" he turns his head to the side with a small smirk when he notices Zayn's facial expression change, "Oh, do mummy and daddy not know about all that?" That's when Zayn takes a step away from him before opening the door a jar. "Stop messing with my sister and we'll call it even". Louis shakes his head; letting out a quiet laugh, "My deal isn't over with Adam just yet. There's still plenty more I have to do with her".

Zayn in a gang? Huh? And what does Louis mean, 'some deal with Adam, there's plenty more to do with me'? Am I part of a plan to annoy or hurt Zayn or something? So does this mean Louis doesn't even love me? All this is confusing right now, I actually can't believe my ears and what I'm hearing right now.

-----End of dream/hallucination------

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