When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


17. Chapter 16

Becca's POV:

From: Louis         To: Becca

Lock your bedroom door and open your window. I'm coming over :) xx


I do as he says and shortly after, as he said he jumps in through my window; closing and locking it behind him. "I brought my uniform so I can stay all night" he creeps in beside me after kicking off his shoes and coat. "Lou- you walked over here in pajamas?" I laugh quietly. "No- I took the car" he grins. "You're freezing Bec" he whispers as he lays down beside me. I tuck one leg between his two and wrap myself around him. "Why are you so cold?" I shake my head, "I don't know. Maybe I picked something up". "Well if so- I guess I'm going to have to look after you more than usual" I can feel his grin; I don't need to see his face to know that he is.


"Bec- you can't go to school like this. Go downstairs and say you're too unwell to go please. I'll hide under the bed or something". Louis is persisting on me not going to school today. My body feels really limp and weak. Not forgetting how cold and rough I feel either.

"Can I stay off school today please mum? I feel too rough to go in" She takes one look at me, "Oh my- Becca you don't look good at all. There's no way you're going to school. Do you want me to get the day off work and stay here with you?" I shake my head, "I'll be fine- just need a day or so to recover that's all".

"I'm not leaving you like this. You're staying here and so am I." Louis tells me. "Just go- I'll be fine it's only a few hours". After a lot of persuading, he finally gives in and goes to school.


Louis' POV:

School is pretty boring- like any other day. Except it's even worse because Becca isn't in. Not only am I worrying because she's ill but also because she's indoors on her own and knowing these other lot; they're probably watching her every move. I grab my phone from my pocket and dial her number, "How are you feeling? Any better?" I ask as soon as she picks up. "I thought I was but then I got up for a drink and felt really feint". "I'll be out of school soon, same as last night yeah?" I ask. "Yeah, what do you want for dinner? I can get my parents to order me like pizza or something later". "Pizza's fine- you know my favourite because it's the same as yours" I giggle and not long after, hang up. 


"Doesn't this feel.. Weird to you?" I ask Becca as she lay sprawled out just by my side with a pizza separating us. "What do you mean?" She shifts herself up; leaning back against her elbows. "Because it feels normal, like I'm allowed here.. Yet in reality, if I was to walk out that door or even be heard in here all hell would break loose". She smirks and sits up further, "Louis are you scared to be here right now?" It falls silent as we edge closer together, "Hm?" she continues. Our foreheads are touching as my face hovers over hers, "Do you know how tempting it is to just kiss you right now?" "Well, you can kiss my cheek but that's it. Unless you want this cold that is". I kiss her cheek and push my arm underneath her so she can rest her head against it, "I would risk that but I need to protect you so I can't". The only thing keeping me secret in her bedroom is the TV she has playing through her speakers. She's connected it all up so it drowns out our voices and no one will know I'm here. Not to mention the fact that she has a lock on her door but still she is right.. I am sort of scared to be here right now. It may sound pathetic but it isn't. I can handle anything thrown at me but when it comes down to possibly losing Becca- that's what scares me. And if any of her family got the slightest hint we were even talking; that's it- she'd be gone for good. "So what did the doctor say?" I shake off my thoughts. "It's not a cold as in 'blocked nose, cough, etc' it's just the feeling faint side and fever. I should be fine within the next two days" she tells me; still watching the film we'd put on earlier. "Good because I don't know how much longer I can hold out". "Well I was hoping it would kind of stay a bit longer and then I wouldn't have to kiss you for a while but.." she trails off as I hover my body over hers and lean my head down to her level, "Oh really?" "Yep, could easily go forever without kissing you" she teases. "So if I did something right now, it wouldn't change your mind?" I lower my voice as I move my head in closer. She bites down on her bottom lip, "Depends". I trail up from her neck and round to her cheek; leaving pepper kisses all the way, "What about that?" I tilt my head; keeping us only centimeters apart. "Mmm.." she gives a lingering hum. "Please just let me kiss you" I feel the small vibrations of her laugh as I push down further on her chest, "Please?" Her head shakes, "I don't want you getting this and you said you didn't want to risk it either". "Well I changed my mind. I want to take that risk" I speak lowly as I push our lips together gently; letting them get carried away in sync with one another. "Bec, is your door locked?" A voice interrupts us. I give Becca a questioning look; I don't really recognize the voice all that much. "Hang on. I'll unlock it" she rolls her eyes, "You're gonna have to hide under the bed, I'll get rid of her as soon as I can.. Sorry" she whispers and pouts. "Fine- one more kiss then". Our lips lock for a few seconds and then she unlocks the door whilst I get under the bed; making myself hidden and out of sight. It's a good thing her bed is low down so the covers fall over covering the majority of the underneath.


Becca's POV:

"Your mum let me in- how you feeling?" Emma barges her way in through my door. "Erm, alright.. Won't be in school for a couple of days though". Something tells me she hasn't come to see how I am. "We need to talk" she gives me a stare and pats the bed; telling me to take a seat too. "About?" I question and take a seat on my side of the bed. "Wow you reak of boys deodorant" I can't help but grin, it isn't me- it's Louis; he'd sprayed Lynx a little while ago and I guess you can still smell it. "Probably Zayn sprayed something earlier.. Anyway what do we need to talk about?" "Louis" she states with one eyebrow raised. I let her talk; not saying a word until she's finished. "You got in that car with that boy, me and Joe thought nothing of it- just thought he was a friend you'd met somewhere. And then Louis got in too" she frowns and begins again, "So what's going on? I thought you weren't talking to him anymore- you know if Zayn or your parents found out that boy knows Louis, they'd go biz-ark".


Louis' POV:

Shit. She saw us. "Oh- er" Becca stalls. Please tell a lie, anything- just don't tell her the truth. "I didn't know he knew Louis until then. We talked about it after and he told me he hardly sees Louis anymore- it's really not a big deal". "So you didn't even speak to Louis?" Emma asks. "Nope, not even a hello. Nothing. We dropped him off, he spoke to Harry that's it". She's doing good at keeping this one up. "So how comes I saw you doing this?" It all falls silent and I presume they're looking at something after Becca's voice gets a little high pitched, "Why have you got that on your phone? You took a picture?!" Emma retorts straight away, "Because I knew you'd deny it and anyway, why was you kissing him if you didn't even speak?" her tone is full of attitude. "So tell me the truth" she almost demands. Becca's voice cracks and I can hear she's starting to cry a little, "I just really love him Emma and what we have.. It's special. Keeping me away from him only made it worse because I missed him so much". She's interrupted by Emma- "Well you seemed pretty fine to me". "Exactly, you don't get it do you. You don't know what I went through.. What I did to myself. You know nothing. I faked that smile everyday and obviously I did a good job because the lot of you all believed it". "Less of the dramatic performance Bec" Emma's voice turned even more sarcastic than before. I really just want to get up off this floor and give her a peace of my mind but that won't help the situation either. "So how long's it been going on? Hm?" she pressurizes  "Since he got back" Becca's voice lowers. "You can't tell anyone Emma, please?" Emma laughs a little, "Oh I can do whatever I like. And this seems something worth telling everyone". "What is your problem Emma? Just because you've never felt love before doesn't mean you can't let me". That's when Emma snaps. She stands to her feet and grits her teeth, "Lets think.. There was Louis, the kisses with Joe, the Irish one, the Irish one again, Harry- oh and now Louis again. You're nothing more than a slut Becca. You've changed into a dirty little whore; giving it out to anyone who walks past or shows you a bit of attention". That's it, I'm not going to sit here anymore and not defend her. I move myself out of the bed and stand up. I keep my voice down so no one else will hear us downstairs just like they had been doing. "Fuck off Emma. She's no slut or whore, you've got no right to call her that. Ever." She walks over to the door grinning, "It's alright- I'll just go downstairs and let them all know you're up here". I walk over to where she's stood; standing taller above her, "You're going to keep quiet and not say a word to anyone" I pause and look down at her, "Unless you want that boyfriend of yours to find out about all those nights you've been sleeping around on". She stares me in the eye, "Go ahead- it's not true so it doesn't bother me". I stop her in her tracks, "Or.. He can take a beating right? Choose your pick". Her eyes pierce through mine and I don't budge. After a few seconds she speaks lowly, "Fine" and stomps off downstairs and straight out the door. I lock the door behind her and turn to Becca. I just can't believe she had the audacity to call Becca a slut and a whore. I mean, she's far from that.

Becca's laying against the bed; looking rather uncomfortable. Well she fell asleep quick. "Bec?" I gently shake her. "Babe, I need to move you, you'll get a stiff neck laying like that" Usually by now she'd have woken or stirred, especially seeing as she literally must've only just laid down but there's nothing. "Babe? Becca. Becca" I shake her harder as her complexion looses all colour; the tips of her mouth starting to turn blue. She lay there still and lifeless. "Becca, wake up" I check for a pulse but I can't find anything. I'm either panicking so much I can't find it or it's because there is no pulse. There's only one thing to do..


Zayn's POV:

Me, mum and dad are all sat downstairs. Emma left without even saying goodbye only a few minutes ago and Becca's upstairs. "I don't know how to say this but Becca. She-" I hear a familiar voice from the stairs. Louis? What?! "What the fuck are you doing here?" I spit; standing up to him. "Zayn! Mind your language. But yes, why are you here?" Mum gets up from the sofa. Dad soon makes an appearance from the kitchen. "It's Becca, she fainted and I can't find a pulse" he gulps. My legs carry me to her bedroom and there she lie on her bed; limp and weak looking. At this moment in time, I'm really not bothered how or why he's here, that's something to sort out when and if she's going to be ok. "Darling wake up. Come on" mum dabs a wet cloth over her upper body as dad speaks to an ambulance operator via the phone. Louis kneels down beside mum and Becca. "Becca. Please" he cries. For once, I've never actually seen him look so worried and scared about something.

Once the ambulance is here mum goes in with Becca. Louis speaks up, "I can take us, my car's just down there". "You're not going anywhere near her" I shoot him a stare but dad stops me from speaking any further, "Zayn. Now's not the time". He turns to Louis, "You can take us".


"We managed to find her pulse with some help eventually but she's in a deep sleep right now. She isn't out of the woods just yet" a doctor whose been working on Becca with several others for the past 20 minutes informs us. "Can I go in?" Louis steps forward and the doctor nods.


Brian's POV: (Becca's dad)

"Becca, please be ok.. I don't know what I'll do without you. I've never loved anyone as much as you. And I know no one wants us together because of my reputation but they don't realise how much I've changed. You made me realise I don't want this life anymore.. I want you. Seeing you hurt or knowing you are kills me inside because I just want to do everything to protect you Becca. I need you because without you. You've got to be alright ok? I love you babe". Louis finishes his little talk with Becca by hugging her tight. Maybe I've misjudged him, maybe he is good for Becca? I really don't know but at this moment, all I hope is that she will be alright and soon.



A/N: Sorry for hardly updating recently- I've been trying to alternate between each of my fanfics and I've been busy too. Hopefully I'll be updating more frequently now! :)

Oh and thanks to everyone reading- it means a lot. Please keep liking and commenting, etc! Xx

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