When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


14. Chapter 13

A/N: Sorry I haven't uploaded in a few days- I've been really busy. But I've posted a fairly long chapter now and I should be updating more frequently again!


Becca's POV:

"I wish we still had more time together" Louis pouts as he holds me in his arms. "We'll still see each other Lou" I laugh. "Yes but I like it just you and me". "So do I and some day it will be just us" I smile and hug him. Each of us had made our own way to the airport before we went so Louis had left his car here in the spaces provided. He's taking me home and dropping me off round the corner from my house so no one sees us.

Louis leans against his car after pulling out my suitcase from his car and pulls me to him so our chests are touching. "I've enjoyed this week" "Me too" "Well, I'll see ya later, I love you" he places a kiss on my lips and lets me walk down the road to my house and doesn't drive off until I've entered my house. "I'm home!" I shout through the empty house. "Mum, dad.. Zayn?" There's no answer which is unusual it's a Friday so Zayn should be in by now at least. "We're in the garden love" I hear my dads voice shout. "So did you have a nice time? Tell us all about it!"  Mum smiles happily as I take a seat by her side. We have a long conversation about the whole trip and I just tell them we lounged around and explored; keeping out any details between Louis and I. "So did you speak to Louis at all?" dad speaks up. "Well, I kind of had to" I roll my eyes. "They put us in pairs and I got put with him" I saw Zayn gulp as he spoke, "And? What happened?" "It was awkward. We just did what we had to do. Go it done then we went out separate ways again" I know my parents and if I told them Louis and I hadn't even spoke at least once, they'd know I'm lying because it's too good to be true. I mean, at some point or another, when you're on a trip you're more than likely to have to speak to one another. My phone buzzes as I receive a text;


From: Louis       To: Becca

Meet me at the lake.. 10 mins xxx


"Jess just asked if I could go meet her? Can I?" I smile up at my parents. "Who's Jess?" Zayn frowns a little. "She's the girl I hung around with in Paris. We've become quite good friends" Both my parents nod, "We're going for a meal tonight. 7pm, be back before then".


Louis' POV:

"Long time no see" Becca jokes as she strolls along the path, making her way to me. "Well I've missed you", I pull her waist close to mine and entwine our fingers. She soon breaks them apart when her phone starts ringing. "Hello?" "Bec, you never said you were back!" I hear Joe's voice on the other side as my head is rested at her shoulder slightly. "Yeah, got back not long ago. I'm busy at the moment.. I'll call you back later. Bye" she hangs up the phone. "You don't have to do that you know" "Do what?" she asks. "Hang up just because you're with me. "I do because I can talk to everyone else whenever and I only get a little time alone with you". Her eyes were glistening in the slight light coming from the lamp-posts. "So how did you manage to get out to come see me?" I grin. "Well, your new names Jess! One of the girls I stayed with all week in Paris" she giggles. "Mmm. Jess doesn't really suit me. I was thinking I'm more of a-" "Shut up" she playfully hits my arm as I smirk into the kiss we just exchanged with one another. "Harry's having a party tomorrow. You coming?" "I'll try. If I can then yeah. What time?" "7. I won't be able to pick you up so I'll get Harry to. You can just say he's Jess' brother" I laugh and she giggles too.


Becca's POV:

"Can I go to Jess' party tomorrow? Pleasee" I drag out the last word as I plead with them. "Yes- if you want to" I'm taken back slightly by how lenient they're being with me. "Ok, can I stay over hers afterwards?" Just hope this question isn't pushing it. "Erm" my dad pauses, takes a look at me and then sighs, "Yes. Go on then". "Thank-you!" I chirp and give him a quick hug.


**Next evening**

From: Harry         To: Becca

Outside. x


"I'll see you tomorrow morning!" I bellow out from the doorway to Zayn who's making himself a sandwich in the kitchen. "That doesn't look like a girl in there" He soon makes an appearance at the door whilst looking into the car which sat out front. "That's because it isn't" I giggle, "It's Jess' brother. She's still getting ready so asked him to pick me up instead". "Well I'm coming out to see him before you go". His face is all serious as he actually begins to follow me outside.


Harry's POV:

"So you're Jess' brother?" A boy who I presume is Becca's brother steps to the car. Becca gives me wide eyes and a small nod from behind him. "Er, yeah" I trail off. "Right. Well I want you to look after her. No funny business ok?" He's stern- more like her father than a brother. Obviously he isn't because he's too young but I mean the way he's protective of her. "Oh yeah. Of course". He nods and makes his way back inside, "Have a nice time tonight Bec". His voice slowly fades as I let the window wind up; muffling any noise from outside.

"So is Louis there yet?" "No, he'll be about an hour" "Oh ok". "He said stay with me until he's there" I grin toward her whilst she sits there with a confused look on her face. "Why? I can look after myself.." "Yes- but you know what some of the other guys can get like once the drink and drugs have kicked in. He doesn't want you around them without him" I pause; taking a long breath. She sighs and rolls her eyes, "Becca, you saw it all last time. You know what some of them get like. He just doesn't want you getting into trouble". "I know. It's fine- I'll stay with you. Just don't leave me on my own whilst you go off with some girl then" a smile spreads across her face as she lets out a small laugh.


Louis' POV:

"Just pay the money you owe Liam now and this is all done" I say sternly whilst staring intently at the 3 men stood infront of me. I really don't understand the logic of sending me out on my own when there's 3 possibly more inside of them. They could of at least sent Harry out with me. "We aren't paying you" one of them laughs. "Liam's already getting more and more impatient. You either pay now or deal with the consequences". "And what exactly are you gonna do?" he stands extremely close to seem threatening. I keep my strong gaze with his. "You know, we heard you've got a new girl Tomlinson" he turns to the others who are smirking. "And we've heard she's pretty hot. Infact, we know so because we've seen her.. right guys?" He turns back once again as they both join his side. "She's hot alright.. The things I could do to her" one of them licks their lips and smirks. "Leave her out of this. It's nothing to do with her" my jaw tenses and fists form together in a tight ball. "I can't promise that. You see when you get on the wrong side of us. We don't like it.. Got that?" Before I can even reply, I'm shoved to the floor with one man holding me down whilst the other kicks and punches me constantly. The car engine sounds as my body cripples in pain. Usually, I'd fight back but at this moment, I'd rather shield myself as much as possible seeing that there's 3 of them and only 1 of me. Within seconds of the car's engine being heard, both jump off of me and exit in the car. Great I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere with no way of getting back. I look at my phone for signal- none. Even better.


Harry's POV:

"Lou? Where the fuck are you? You said an hour. It's been 3 hours" "You need to come and get me. It all went wrong, we got into a fight and they stole the car. I've been trying to call for ages" his voice sounded irritated. "How long a drive is it?" "I dunno- it took me about an hour. You know where I am though right?" "Yeah- got the address. I'll leave now" I sigh. "Oh- do you want me to bring Becca?" There's a short silence before he replies, "Er, no. I don't really want her up here" "She'll be here on her own then" "Just tell her to stay upstairs or something". He hangs up rather quickly.

"I've got to go for a couple of hours. Stay upstairs or somewhere out of the way ok?" "Where's Louis? Have you heard from him?" "Yeah. Look I won't be long. Just do as I said" I leave her standing by the kitchen door as I head outside to my car.


Becca's POV:

I actually understand even more why they didn't want me alone here since Harry left just over half an hour ago. I'd seen the way some of the other guys were here last time I came with Louis but tonight; they seemed so much worse. Maybe it's because I'm on my own.. An easier target. There's like 3 other girls here but they're all with their boyfriends and don't bother socialising with anyone else so yeah, I'm basically on my own here right now.

"Why you sitting out here all alone? Shouldn't you be enjoying the party?" A boy who I've never seen before heads over to me. "Oh. I needed a little time out" I lie and smile back. "Can I get you a drink?" He seems fairly nice so I take up his offer. One drink can't hurt can it? I'd been holding out to drink til Louis got back anyway. So it'd wouldn't even touch the sides. "Yeah, go on then". He leads me to the kitchen, "Vodka?" he asks whilst also eyeing up  the counter which has numerous amounts of different alcohol sat along it. I nod and let him pour me a drink; watching carefully to ensure he doesn't pop anything inside. "My name's Jake by the way" he smirks and hands the plastic cup to me. "Becca" I nod back and then take a sip of the drink. After 15 minutes or so, I've already had at least 7 drinks. I can feel myself beginning to start getting tipsy- drinking 7 lots of vodka in a row didn't really help me to stay sober. "Another?" Jake asks. I guess I just nod through boredom. Usually, Louis and I would be dancing or something but I've been left alone so I have no one much to interact with. "You're pretty hot you know" he returns with the drink and his. "Um.. Thanks".


Louis' POV:

I sit with my elbow rested against the window panel and my arm propping my head up as I look out from inside the car. "They mentioned Becca. I'm worried she might get hurt". "What did they say?" "Just that they've seen her and she's 'hot' and they said 'the things they could do to her'.." I trail off. "How have they seen her?" Harry furrows his brows. "I don't know. Guessing they've kept a few tabs on her without any of us knowing". "And you told me not to bring her with me when they've said all this?" He turns his face which was deadly serious, "You know what all them sort are capable of and she's at that party by herself". "Shit" I curse as I realise they could easily have gotten to Harry's within the time since he left. I dial Becca's number in my phone. It rings many times before clicking off to voice-mail. I repeat my actions several times before leaving a message. "She's not answering". The speed in the car increases as Harry puts his foot down further; hoping we'd get back slightly quicker- we still have another hour until we're back.


Becca's POV:

"Is someone drunk?" Jake laughs deeply. "Sshh!" I slur and shrug at the same time. Yes I am by the way. Very drunk. But when you're drunk and someone constantly hands you drinks, you don't really think about it before drinking them. "Maybe we should lie you down upstairs then". He takes my hand so I don't fall over and leads me to a bedroom. As the door shuts behind us, my phone rings. "Louis!" "Finally you answer" he sounds annoyed. "Are you drunk? Don't drink anymore for now. Can you just stay upstairs? I'll be there soon". I'm stood with my back to the wall; propping myself up with it when Jake steps closer. "I had a few drinks.. You was taking ages so I had a few. Oh, I am upsta-" my mouth stops speaking when I feel the prick of a needle in my arm. A cool sensation runs through my body as I almost become still. "I. I. Loui-" "What is it? Becca" Louis' voice fades and I begin to feel really weak. The phone drops from my hand as Jake lays me down on the floor. He fiddles around with my phone- I'm guessing to switch it off and then hovers over me. His hands wander over my dress before he pulls it up; revealing my body and underwear. "What are you doing?" I manage to talk even though I felt extremely weird and unusual. "You'll enjoy it. Well, I know I will". I shake my head as he presses his body close to me. I try and wriggle away from his grip but my body won't move- not enough to get away from him. I just lay there still; not being able to stop him physically. "Please don't" I let the tears roll from my eyes as I just about know what's going on. "It's alright" he hushes my tears. He licks the side of my neck and then kisses it. Then proceeds to kiss me; trailing further and further down my chest but at the same time keeping me heavily locked under his grip. "Stop please" I cry. It doesn't work. Instead he shuts me up by placing his lips on mine and kissing me hard; letting his hands wander across my chest area. "Stop- get off me please" I close my eyes tight and water continues to drop from them. I need Louis. I'm powerless- there's nothing I can do to stop him and I need Louis but he's not here. A phone rings but I know it's not mine. Jake pulls away from me and straddles my waist, I continue to try and wriggle away but he just holds me there with his hands; he's much stronger than me so I end up still in the same position as before. "Yeah?" he pauses and listens carefully. I can't make out whats being said on the other side. "Ok, well I was half way through that but I guess we'll have to leave it til a later date" he smirks widely at me before hanging up the phone. "I'll be seeing you soon" he whispers in my ear before pulling my dress back down and stepping off me; making his way to the door. "Very soon" he says whilst turning back to look at me from the other side of the door.


Louis' POV:

"We're 10 minutes away just put your fucking foot down Harry". "Alright, alright. Calm down!" "Calm down?" She never cuts the phone off like that. Something's wrong and you know it too so don't act as if you there isn't". He goes quiet and I know it's because he agrees with what I'd just said but doesn't want to admit it.

Finally we're back at Harry's; the place is rammed with people still. I walk briskly through the house and Becca is nowhere to be seen. I run up the stairs hoping she'd taken my advice and gone up here earlier. "Becca?" I call out into each room. "She's not in either of them" Harry meets me back in the hallway after checking all the bathrooms and main bedrooms. I hear a feint cry come from within the room at the end; it's never been used that much so  neither of us had checked it. I turn to Harry with a worried expression on my face and then walk toward the room. As the pair of us walk in, Becca is on the floor; curled up in a ball, crying with her back facing the door. "Becca? What's wrong? What happened?" She flinches when I touch her arm. "It's only me Becca, come here" I pull her up and sit her in my arms. She feels freezing and her teeth are chattering. I run my hands over her bare arms to try and warm her up slightly I can even feel the goosebumps along them. Harry takes the cover from the unused bed and wraps it round her then takes a seat on the edge of the bed. "What happened Bec?" I pull her closer as she just cries and says nothing. "Calm down babe" I rock her back and forth slightly and eventually, after a few minutes she calms down a little. "Now what's happened?" "He bought me up here and put a needle in me. But instantly I couldn't do anything- I couldn't move. I could just about speak." I shake my head, "Then what?" I look to Harry who looks really concerned. "Did anything happen? You know did he?" Harry cut himself off and I could see the anger boiling in him. She shakes her head. "No. It would have happened if his phone hadn't of rang. He just said he'll see me very soon. I couldn't get away- I was so scared". She cries into my shoulder and I squeeze her in my arms. "I'm sorry we wasn't here.. I need you to tell me what he looked like" I try staying as calm as possible for her sake. How dare someone think they can do this to her? It's not just anyone though- they warned me but I didn't think this would happen. "He was quite tall. Brown hair- short but spiky. His arms were strong; muscly and there's tattoos on them" "The tattoos. What were they?" "I think one was a diamond with something through it" she pauses. "I'm gonna kill em'." I mime to Harry without making a sound. My teeth grit as my head shakes. Now I have my answer- it's definitely them. They all have that stupid tattoo to prove their in the same gang. And I know who it is too- the one who had been at the meeting point earlier with me. Jake.


Harry's POV:

I stand to my feet and run down the stairs. "Jake's been in here" I say sternly. He walks through to the outdoors with me; where it's somewhat quieter. "What? When?" "Don't know how long ago but he took Becca upstairs. Luckily he had a phone call but it's not over yet. Told her he would be seeing her very soon. This is to do with Louis- a way of getting back at him for doing his job." I sigh. "You should of said Becca was here- she could of stayed with me" "I didn't really think of that at the time" I pause. "I've gotta go ring Liam and Niall will probably wanna here about this too. Him and Becca got on quite well". 


"I'll take you both home." Louis catches the keys as I throw them to him so he can get the pair of them in the car.


Louis POV:

Both of us are lying in bed; her face is nuzzled into my chest and we're both rather snug and warm. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there tonight Becca". She never fails to make me feel at ease as once again even though she's still shocked by it all, she leans her head up to mine. "It's fine Louis. Please don't be sorry? It's all over now" then places a sweet kiss on my cheek. "It's not" I drop my head. Her smile fades, "what do you mean?" "I know who did this to you and they're doing it because of me" "No Louis they aren-" I cut her off and sit up slightly so I'm facing her properly. "They are. I need to tell you something ok?" As the words fall from my mouth I take a deep breath and gulp at the same time. She nods unsure of what I'm about to tell her. "You know how your parents and Zayn always told you about my bad reputation? Well they're right." "Yeah and I know about the things you've done and do". "No Becca. That's only half of it. No one outside our gang knows". "Gang?" she gulps and sits up slightly too. "Gang, crew, whatever you want to call it. I'm telling you this because I trust you.." I pause. "I sell drugs, occasionally take them, go to a lot of parties, but that's not everything. I have to collect the money if someone owes it, etc all the usual". "And that's how you got them bruises and cuts right?". I nod and sigh, "This is so hard. You're going to hate me after I tell you this. Just please don't freak out ok?" Once again she nods. "About two years ago when I first go involved in all this- I really needed the money so they took me on. Trouble is, once you're in, you can't really get out.. Not now anyway" "Louis, just get on with it. You're starting to worry me now". "Ok. Well there was trouble with this other gang and it ended up in a couple from each sides being hurt.. Killed." Her eyes looked confused still. "We had to do it- if we hadn't I wouldn't be here today because their aim was to get rid of me. Trouble is, now they'll do anything for revenge and I guess their revenge is getting to me through you.. Because they know you mean so much to me and I'll flip out if you get hurt. That's why someone was here tonight whilst Harry and I were gone. And believe me they will be back so it isn't over Becca".


Becca's POV:

"You mean you've killed someone?" I gulp. I didn't realise this 'reputation' was actually this bad. He nods his head. "I'm sorry Becca". "When? How? You never told me this before Louis". "Because there was no need to- it's in the past and you weren't in danger in the beginning. But now you are and that changes everything". "So what will they do to me?" "I don't know. But I need to look after you Becca because if I don't they'll get to you and believe me, they will hurt you in some way. Jake proved that tonight". His eyes water up and I notice several tears roll down his cheek. I've never seen him this vulnerable; where he's crying and seems almost broken. "I understand if you don't want to know me after this but someone needs to look after you. Whether it be me, Harry or Niall. You need one of us around as much as possible. These men, boys, gang- they're not going to stop until they've got what they wanted". How have I ended myself up in this mess? I sigh and turn over; moving away from Louis, "I need to think about all this. It's a lot to take in Louis". "I understand. I'm sorry". I say nothing else as he lays the other side; our backs touching just ever so slightly. I seriously never knew his reputation was for this; I thought it was just the partying, selling, taking drugs.. But no, it's much worse. And now? Now, I'm something these others want. That alone scares me..

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