When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


12. Chapter 12 (15+)


WARNING: This chapter includes mature content of descriptions of drug use, sex and/or violence. (15+)


"Fine, you can go. But I want you to at least text every night telling us you're ok. I feel better about it because you're going with the school". "Thank you mum!" I exclaim and give her a tight hug. There's a school trip to Paris for the students who took French. I wouldn't bother going but Louis also took French so we get a whole week together! And thankfully, neither Joe or Emma took French.


To: Louis          From: Becca

I'm coming :) xxx


To: Becca         From: Louis

YES! 7 nights with my beautiful girl.. Can't wait xxx


Louis' POV: **skipping 3 weeks ahead**

Although we'll be in Paris, Becca and I are still not letting on that we're in a relationship because we still have to go back to school and everyone would find out. We arrive in Paris at 10:50 in the evening. Once given our rooms; everyone heads off to their own. It works out so much better than we first expected because no one is sharing a room. Which means we don't need to explain where we are to room-mates.

I scan the lobby area; ensuring no teachers are around and make my way down to Becca's room. "Open up it's me" I gently knock on the hard wooded door. She opens up the door in a nightshirt which she was halfway doing up. "You could leave that undone?" I suggest whilst undoing a few more of the buttons. "Not tonight Lou, I'm so tired". I hadn't noticed it til now but she rubs her eyes when she's tired and pouts just a tad at the same time. It's adorable the way she does it. "Seeing as you're so cute. We'll just go to bed". I take her body in my arms and carry us both to the small bedroom provided.


**3 days later**

Today, we're going to the Eiffel tower and its hot outside. Very hot. Becca is dressed in her usual short shorts with a top which is tucked in but reveals her bare sides along with a pair of converse. We've had to distance ourselves during the days we've been here so far but today we've been paired into two's to go and explore in this area. And we're together. "Ladies first" I smile and let her walk in front, then lightly squeeze her bum, making her jump a little. "Now, I know why you said I could go first!" she comes to a halt. "I have withdrawal symptoms" I joke around whilst pulling her behind a bush to cover ourselves from being seen. "God you look so fucking hot today" I smirk and place my lips on hers. "Right now we've settled that one can we go to the top of the tower now?". "Yeah, wait. There's something I want to do before we go up". I pull her round to the other side. "Excuse me, could you just take a photo of us infront of this?" I hand the man my phone. Just as he takes the photo, I grab Becca in my arms and kiss her passionately. I knew no one would be around to see because everyone's gone off in their partners and it's really busy too.

"This is really high" Becca's complexion turns really pale as we reach the top. "Are you ok?" She nods and gulps a little. Once again, I ask someone to take a photo of us; this time I just hold my hand around her waist, letting our heads fall by the side of each other as we both smile. I wanted one at the bottom and one at the top. "I love these" I tell Becca as I flick through the few photos I had. "Becca you really don't look too good" She shakes her head, "This is a lovely view but I'm petrified of heights".


Becca's POV:

My knees tremble as we move away from the side- I'm literally petrified of heights. "Sorry but you should of seen your face!" Louis retorts laughing as we make our way down. "It isn't funny!" My comments only make him laugh more so I decide on trying to be quiet.


We finally get back to our hotel rooms after eating a little while ago. "Oh, I don't think so. You're coming with me" Louis deeply whispers; pulling me into his room. He leads me to the bedroom, which is basically the same set out as mine. Before, I even have a chance to say anything; he pushes me up against the wall and start taking off our clothes. Whilst leaving wet kisses along my upper body I hear his voice, "I've been waiting for this all day". I look down to notice the bulge in his pants, then I look back up to his eyes. They were playful looking. "I guess we'll have to do something about this" I tease him by stretching my hand down into his boxers, causing him to let out a deep moan. "Bec" his voice trails off as his head falls back and his eyes flutter shut. He lets out several loud moans as I continue to pleasure him in every way. He occasionally says my name but it ends up leading into a huskier moan each time. "Fuck" he continues to curse as he keeps his head tilted back against the wall. He relaxes a little while after; letting out an even louder moan than before. His face comes back into contact with mine as he lifts me up and carries me to the bed, "your turn".


Louis' POV:

I lay Becca down on the bed and keep her legs parted; taking off the remainder of her clothes. She arches her back and mouths several moans as I pump two fingers slowly in her. I lean over so our faces are touching and lock our lips together. I pick up the pace with my hand; making a rougher movement. "Lou" she moans through the kiss. I carry on until her eyes shut tightly and her toes wrinkle; until I know she's reached her high, just like she did with me. Once finished, I let her regain her strength whilst whispering "I love you so much" in her ear. I straddle her waist once again and enter her; thrusting deep and strongly into her. I carry on doing so for a while until we both reach our highs and release together. She lays beside me; her eyes drooping through tiredness. I pull her close to me; keeping our bare bodies together as we fall asleep in one anothers arms.


We're at breakfast and I think after last night, Becca and I aren't bothered who sees us together on this trip. To be honest, there's no one here that either of us hang around with at school anyway. Becca keeps pulling faces when she moves at times, "Are you ok? You keep making faces when you move". She looks down blushing. "What is it?" "Um, last night. I'm just a bit.. sore you know?" her voice barely whispers. "Was it too rough? I'm sorry- you should have said" She shakes her head and smiles whilst hugging me. "Don't be silly, you don't need to say sorry. I've just never done that before so that's probably why" "You mean I was your first time?" "Well of that, yeah.." she once again blushes. I can't help but smile as I re-think over last nights events. It was perfect. Infact, everything is perfect at the moment.

We have half an hours break then we get to go off and explore again so until then Becca and I are staying in her hotel room. We're both spread out across her bed as she rings home. "Hi" Becca's voice speaks through to her phone which she set on loudspeaker. "How have you been? Having a good time?" "Fine and yeah it's been really good" she looks at me smiling when she says the next part, "I'm really enjoying it". "Good, well Zayn's pestering me to let him talk to you so speak to you later!" Her mums voice fades as a rustling noise takes over for a minute or two. "Hello?" "Hi, what did you want?" "You never told me Louis was on this trip too" I could hear his teeth were gritted together. I roll my eyes; he really does dislike me. "Yeah, mum and dad know.. They're my parents Zayn not you" "Yeah and I want to make sure you aren't falling for him again. You haven't have you?" "No- I haven't even been near him; just stayed with the other girls that are here". I shake my head, grinning and whisper "Liar" from a distance which makes her smirk. "I told you anyway, he's in the past. I don't have feelings for him anymore" she finishes. I start kissing her neck, leading upto her ear where I whisper, "you little liar" she smirks again and ends the conversation with Zayn, "Anyway, I've got to go now so I'll see you soon.. Tell mum and dad I said bye".

"Louis! You really didn't help" she grins widely. "I know but I couldn't help myself. You're a good liar you know" "Only when it comes to keeping our relationship a secret" she bites down on her lip as I lean in. Her hands cup my face as I use mine to hold myself up; hovering over her whilst we kiss one another slowly and passionately. "I love you so much" her voice trembles beneath me as she pulls away. "I love you too". I place another small, sweet peck on her cheek before we both get up, seeing as we only have 10 minutes until we're all going out again.

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