When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


11. Chapter 11

Becca's POV:

It's still Sunday so I don't have school til tomorrow. Louis had got back with all his stuff a few hours ago but I couldn't get out to see him so we settled on texting one another. "See you later sweetie, don't stay up too late; you've got school in the morning!" My mum calls out as her and dad leave for work. "Bec- will you be alright staying on you own tonight? Mum and dad are working and Holly wanted me to stay round hers tonight" "Yeah, I'll be fine. Have a nice evening" I smile at Zayn whilst he leaves the front door. I take my phone from my pocket, since I'm on my own, I can actually call Louis now and speak to him. "Lou, everyone's out tonight.. Mum and dad are at work until 1pm tomorrow and Zayn's staying round his girlfriends. Do you wanna stay over?" "You're sure no one is coming home?" "Yeah, it'll just be me and you. Bring your uniform over, you can get changed over here in the morning". He was telling the school he had family emergencies which meant he had to go to Manchester for 2 months so he could continue going there. "Ok, see you in about 5 minutes then".


Louis' POV:

"So, since we have the whole house to ourselves and we haven't seen each other in 2 months.. I say we make it up to each other now?" I playfully speak to Becca. She immediately straddles my waist and pulls against the loops of my jeans. I slip my hand underneath her shirt and pull it away. We continue to undress one another as we keep our lips locked. Eventually, after some time, we both reach our high and begin to relax. I stroke her back gently and softly kiss her as we lay beside one another. "I love you Louis" she whispers and nuzzles her head into my chest.


"Lou, we gotta get up, it's time for school" Becca's voice sounds through my ears. "Yeah in a minute" I sleepily lay my head in the pillow. "Now or we'll be late!" she laughs throwing the covers off me. "Becca!" I shout as she reveals my naked body. "It's never bothered you before" she laughs, "And it certainly doesn't bother me". "Oh really?" I get up and place my lips to hers. "Right, now get changed!" she pulls away to fix her hair in the mirror. "We don't have any photos together" I say whilst slipping on my uniform. "Well we should take some then". I pull out my phone and take a nice one of us both then save it as my screen lock, "There. Perfect". I kiss her once again; this time letting it become more heated. "Bec- it's only me! Forgot my college ID that's all" Zayn's voice echoed through the empty house. "Shit, I'll meet you a-" "Ok, see you later!" Becca shouts back down. "See, he's gone" she grins as we hear the front door shut and Zayn's car start up outside. "Now where were we?" she smirks. I kiss her once again and eventually pull away, "Round 2?". She bites down on her lower lip before replying, "But we'll be late". Our faces were closer than ever with my hands wrapped round her waist and hers round my back. "Make up an excuse, it'll be easy to get awa-" I'm cut off by her lips touching mine. "Yeah, whatever. I'd rather do this" I feel her smirk as she plays around with the zipper on my trousers as I do the same on her skirt.


Becca's POV:

It's half 11 and I've only just got to school. Louis' coming in to school in about an hour so it looks less obvious that we were together. We've decided it's best we don't let anyone know about our relationship so we can't be together at school. We'll talk but will only act as friends. It's only got to take Emma or Joe to see and my parents and Zayn will find out.

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't come in!" Emma embraces me in a hug. It's our first break of the day so I've met them at the benches just by the school entrance. "Yeah, where have you been?" Joe adds. "After I got ready this morning I felt a bit dizzy so I had a short nap. Must've been tired; I feel loads better now" I smile and they actually believe my lie. "So have I missed anything?" "Not really, Gemma and Mr. Elson had an argument in English this morning, it was so funny!" they both start laughing and then carry on telling me about the whole thing.

"We've got science Bec, see you later Em". Joe and I head off to our classroom. Like any other day, it's fairly packed already so we both take a seat at the front. Louis should be coming in anytime now.. "Wait! What?! That's Louis" Joe whispers loud enough for me to hear. He'd been out of school for 2 months so I guess it's least expected of him to walk back in. I put on an act, "Oh".  I look up to Louis who just smiles slightly and nod awkwardly back. I just hope this whole act is worth it and no one susses it all out! He takes a seat at the back and I can hear the voices of his group asking him where he's been and saying it's good to have him back. "Are you going to be alright now he's here?" Joe furrows his brows as he looks at me. "You're not going to go back to him are you?" "No-no, I realise now; that was all a mistake- I guess you were right. He was no good for me" I smile and he relaxes back in his chair, "Now that's the Becca I know- sensible and realises whats good for her and what isn't" he says, looking rather pleased with himself.


Zayn's POV:

My ringtone echoes through the entire class- I look down and see Joe's caller ID flashing up. He never rings me in college unless there's something up with Becca or it's a necessity. "Can I go outside for a minute? I need to take this call" I ask my tutor and he simply nods, "Don't be too long".

"Whats up mate? Is there something up?" I speak into my phone. "Louis' back". I really thought he was gone for good. "You being serious? Please tell me he isn't" "No- he came back in today" "Shit" I curse and punch my fist against the wall. Just as Becca starts to forget about him, he comes back. Great. "And what's Becca like? She said anything?" "She said she realises she made a mistake and knows that he's bad for her" "You don't think she'll go back to him do you?" "I doubt it" he pauses, Something was there today- the old Becca. It's like she's coming back slowly". "Well just keep an eye on her at school for me. I've gotta go, see ya later". I enter the room once again and take a seat where I was sat about 5 minutes ago.


Becca's POV:

"I hope she doesn't back track; she's being doing so well recentl-" "Becca! How was school?" my dad smiles at me from the kitchen. Surely they realise I just heard their whole conversation about me. "The usual, pretty boring day!" "There's something we need to talk about" my mum perks up from the counter where she stands pouring herself a drink. "Sit down then" Zayn nudges me to the table. Each of them follow and take a seat around me. "Now, I've heard Louis is back" Zayn starts examining my facial expressions. "We just want to make sure you're ok an-" I cut my dad off, "Look. I've already had this conversation with Joe earlier.. I realise now that I made a mistake, I guess it's just taken me a while to figure that out" "I know, we just don't want you going back to him.." she pauses, "The last 2 months we've started seeing the old Becca again and we don't want that changing either". "I know and it won't. Promise" I smile, "I'm not going back to Louis either- don't worry I'm not stupid". They each smile and Zayn speaks up, "Good and if you ever need to talk, we are here Bec". I nod and stand up. Ugh, I hate telling them lies- it's not the lying that's the problem it's the fact that they're so far from the truth and I hate having to say them. But, at least this way I can be with Louis without any speculations.

It's a really nice day again today- the sun is beaming and for the typical British weather, it is actually hot outside.I throw on a pair of high waisted denim shorts- which are definitely short.. Along with a fitted plain black crop top and red vans. "I'm going for a walk, I'll be back around dinner time". "Where are you going?" my dad scans me over. "For a walk- probably by the lake" I shrug. "You're not going to.." "No. Look, I know you all care about me but please. Don't start questioning me where I'm going again. I told you I'm not interested in Louis anymore. I'm going out for a walk that's all". He shakes his head, "I know, I'm sorry".


Joe's POV:

"Oh fancy seeing you here!" Emma's familiar voice pops up from a distance. "Yeah come sit with us" Josh smiles. Emma is sprawled out along the grass with her head resting against Josh's chest and Becca is lying beside her. I lay down and start a conversation. Josh and Emma both have earphones on but just incase, I keep my voice down so they definitely won't hear. "You know Sunday morning when you were on the phone.. What was you talking to him about?" "Who?" "I can't remember his name.. That boy you knew when we were walking home?" "Oh, you mean Niall. He just wanted me to go over to his house" she laughs a little. "Yeah but you was saying you were fine with something for now and if you needed more. But then you stopped. What was you on about?" She props herself up on her elbows, "Ohh! I borrowed some money off of him to pay for that photography trip- I didn't have it at the time so he let me borrow it and was just saying if I ever need any more, it's always there" she smiles. "Have you given it back yet?" "Yeah, it was like about 3 weeks ago now but he was just making sure." she nods. Well that settled my mind, for a minute there, I thought she'd taken up drugs or something! "So how did you meet him? He isn't from round here is he?" She shakes her head, "No, from Ireland. I met him a couple weeks after Louis left. I'd come for a walk down here and he was here too. We just got talking and now we're good friends". "Oh ok".


Becca's POV:

Well that was close, I thought Joe had clocked on at first! Two hands cover my eyes as a familiar Irish tone speaks into my ear, "Guess who?". I jump up from my laying position, "Niall!" I quickly hug him, making Emma and Josh take out there earphones. I introduce him to each of them then walk off and sit lower down by the lake with him. "So how's things with you and Lou?" "It's good but no one knows we're together otherwise we won't be able to" he nods, "secrets safe with me". We have a conversation for hours and each time I've looked back; Emma, Joe and Josh are still in their same position. The evening starts drawing in and I lean on Niall's shoulder as he sighs. "Bec, I'm going back over to Ireland" "What? Why?" I felt my eyes slightly tear up. He'd been a really good friend to me through everything with Louis. He's been there to support me, help and most of all; he was the one who got Louis and I back together. "I'm finished over here for now. I can come visit you a few times anyway. I always do it with Louis". "Ok, but make sure you do!" I smile. He looks over his shoulder to make sure no one else is around, then back at me, "Do you need a bigger supply of anything? Louis has some but not enough to just give you like I do" I nod, "But could you leave it with Louis, I can't take it home or anything". "Course I can. Anyway, I don't think you'll be needing to take as many of the injections now that you're happier again. It'll be mainly the cannabis and pills- for when you're with Lou or at parties" he trails off. I nod as I agree; now that Louis and I are back together, I'm happier so there's no need to take the injections as much. "Obviously, you'll have to ween your way off the injections though. You've been taking them for over 2 months so your body expects it. If you don't, you'll only cause yourself more problems" "Ok, Louis knows what to do aswell anyway". He nods his head, "Right. I best get going now- gotta plane to catch tomorrow morning. I'll see you another time babe. You and Louis stay together alright" he winks before giving me a quick hug and heading off.

"Er, so you two seemed cuddly over there?!" Emma looks strangely at me as I return back to where they were still laying. "He looks old enough to be your brother Bec" she soon frowns. "He's 19" I state. "Yeah and so is Zayn.. proves my point" she smirks. "Well he's only a friend anyway" Emma lightens her mood and smiles a little, "I know, I'm just messing with you! So when you next seeing him?" "I'm not- he's going back to Ireland tomorrow. He was only on a 2 and half month holiday over here" I smile and she just nods and returns back in her position from before.

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