When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


10. Chapter 10

Niall's POV:
"Lou, how you been? Haven't heard from ya in a couple of months" I speak into the phone. "Not bad, just been keeping myself busy" he pauses, "You seen Becca at all? You probably haven't.." "Oh, I have actually. She's been round a lot since you left" "What for?" His tone changes. "Um, well.. Drugs and just to chat and relax" "DRUGS?! I don't want her doing that stuff if there's no one their to protect her" "It's ok, I've been here to help-" I'm cut off by Louis speaking again, "Why's she taking them?" "I dunno- she said for when she feels low to bring her back up again.. And she misses you". He ignores my last comment, "Well, I'm coming back up for a few hours. I'll be there soon, wanna hang out?" "Yeah, come over whenever" I say and hang up. There was something the pair of them weren't telling me. I will get to the bottom of this.


Becca's POV:

I wake up in Joe's bed with him by the side of me. I look under the covers to see if I'm still dressed- I really don't remember much about last night. I was in a t-shirt of Joe's. He sits up next to me and smiles. "Um, Joe.. Did we do anything?" "No- we kissed like twice, but that was it". "Why am I in your shirt then?" I ask. "Because I told you to change but you was too drunk so I had to do it for you" he grins again. "Oh.. I'm sorry I kissed you- we were both drunk. We're friends, nothing more though?" I felt horrible saying it but I didn't want him thinking otherwise. He nods and smiles, "I know Bec" then ruffles my hair. My phone starts buzzing on the bedside table. "Oh hey Niall, whats up?" "Can you come over? I think I have something that''ll please you" he whispers. "Niall, why are you whispering?" I laugh. His voice loudens slightly, "Just come over, it'll make you happy". The only thing that could make me happy were drugs because of the effects they have on you or Louis- and we all know Louis is not going to be there. "No, I'm alright with all that, I've got enough for now. When I need some mor-" I stop in my tracks and realise that I was still sat next to Joe who was listening. Damn it! How could I completely forget where I am.. I just hope he hasn't caught on. "No, it's something else. Just come over- it's a surprise" he giggles. "Fine, but you best not be making me walk over for something silly" I pout jokingly and hang up the phone. I take my outfit from last night into the bathroom and get changed; quickly touching up my hair and makeup and brushing my teeth- Joe's mum bought a new pack of toothbrushes and let us keep them there for whenever we stayed which was nice of her. "I'll come back over later Joe, promise" I say as he walks down the stairs behind me. "Ok, see you then" he shouts after me. I take a nice stroll to Niall's house. From Joe's it's only about 15 minutes anyway.


Louis' POV:

The last few months have been really hard; I've missed Becca like hell. Part of me wants to go and see her but I think back to how she just left me and never said anything, then change my mind. I've been keeping myself to myself and only done the jobs I needed to do. “Hang on, I'll just get the door” Niall says, standing to his feet. I stay seated. "You're still wearing last nights' clothes!?” “Well I haven't been home yet Niall”. My ears soon notice the voice and laugh coming from the hallway. I jolt off my seat, Becca's here?! “So, what was it I had to get out of bed for?” Her voice gets clearer and louder as Niall steps back into the room, pulling Becca along with her. “This” he says pointing to me. Her face changed expression. “Why is she here?” I frown to Niall who looked please with himself. “Because there's something going on between the pair of you and you're both really unhappy” he states, “I'm leaving you both here whilst I go shopping. Try and make up” he smiles and exits through the front door leaving me and Becca alone. She fidgets around before eventually sitting down awkwardly. “Why are you in a dress and heels?” I observe her outfit. “I went to a party last night” she fiddles around with her hand. “And you didn't go home?” “I stayed at Joe's” she shakes her head. “Oh” nothing else manages to exit my mouth. I feel even more broken than before- she'd stayed over at Joe's.. were they together or something?! “I'm just going to the toilet, I'll be back down” she takes off her heels and walks down the hall and up the stairs. I take out my phone and scan over Facebook to see if anyone had uploaded photos or videos from last night. And to my surprise, there were tons. There were 3 uploads that caught my eye the most; a video of Joe taking a body shot from Becca along with others doing the same. Just as I thought it hurt seeing him doing that with her, I saw 2 photos of them kissing in the middle of the dance floor. Becca came back in and sat opposite me once again. “You're together then?” She shook her head, “Me and Joe? No, I stayed there because I needed a break from my house; Emma was staying with Josh and Joe's is the only other place any of them will let me stay, plus there is no one else to stay with anyway” she looks down. “But you kissed him and let him take a body shot on you?” I sarcastically laugh. “Yeah and this morning when I woke up, I told him we were only friends; he knows that. You should of seen me and him too, we were so drunk Louis; it meant nothing and he knows that aswell” she pauses. “What does it matter to you anyway? You left me here so why are you so bothered?” Me left her?! I don't think so. “I left you?!” My voice raises a little.


Becca's POV:

His voice raises, it was almost intimidating.. “You left me! I waited 2 hours for you. 2 whole fucking hours Becca! Not once did you even bother to say you weren't coming!” he continues; his voice even higher than before. I shake my head, “That's because I was unconscious and then in hospital Louis. How can I tell you if I wasn't actually with it?!” I shout back. “W-what?” his voice trembles and his tone hushes. “I tried telling you when I rang, you weren't listening” I too lower my voice. “Why did you faint?”. “I'd mixed too many drugs and alcohol at the party we went too- it was too much for my first time trying it all”. He shakes his head. “I've sat there every night crying myself to sleep wondering what the hell I'd done for you to just leave on me. You don't realise what it's been like Louis” “I'm sorry Becca- I didn't realise.” he wraps his arms around me as I let my tears fall to his t-shirt. “Tell me what it's been like- I want to know.. I'm sorry” he murmurs and takes a seat next to me but keeping me in his arms. “I cry myself to sleep every night because I miss you. I'm not the same as I used to be. There's something missing. You. I take drugs more than 3 times a week just to keep myself fairly happy and everyone's constantly on my case; questioning me, suffocating me so I feel like I can't breathe. And the worst thing is; all along I've just wanted one thing back” I let him know how I really feel, what's the point in keeping it in. “I don't know what to say Bec- I'm really sorry” he bows his head. “Don't say anything” He didn't need to- I'd already forgiven him.. All I wanted was for him to hold me in his arms once again; just like he was doing now. “I'm sorry too” I look into his eyes which were full of sadness. He stares back at mine, then down to my lips and leans in. His lips linger before he actually presses them against mine.


Louis' POV:

I press our lips together, kissing her soft and gentle. Not one of us resists. Finally after several months, I had the touch of her lips, her breath against me; everything I've been longing for and missed dearly. We kiss for what feels like forever but infact isn't ages. “I miss you” she says pulling away. “Well you don't need to because I'm here now” I pull her head to my chest and lean back so she's lying on top of me. “But you'll be gone later and then I'll be left alone again” her voice cracks. “Well that's the thing.. Now we're back together, I don't mind being here. I only moved away because I couldn't bare to see you at school everyday after rejecting me, well when I thought you had” I watch as a smile forms on her face, “Really?”. I nod, "Nothings changed since I went Becca, you're still my girl and I still want you with me.. I love you". "Well I guess you should get back to Manchester and pack your stuff to come back then?" she grins even wider and starts to sit up. I pull her back down, "No, you can do that later. Just stay like this for a little longer; I've missed it".


Niall's POV:

“Glad to see you've both made up” I wink to the pair of them as I walk in on them cuddling together on one of the sofa's. Becca shoots a smile toward me, “Thank you Niall, for doing this”. “So whatcha gonna do? You live here and he lives in.. Where do you live actually?” “Manchester, I've been staying with Liam” “Well he lives in Manchester now. How are you going to see each other?” "I'm going to move back up here" Louis smiles. "Right, well you best get packing then aye? Take Becca home then go get everything!" I smile happy that they had finally sorted out their problems.

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