Born to be star

Isabella is a 17 year old girl who goes through a amazing journey from becoming a normal high school teenager to a singing superstar,


2. The auditions.

So 6 o'clock and I'm waiting in the school office for my audition, the song I am singing Is firework by Katy Perry, The headteacher just came in the office and said Isabell It's your time to audition. So I walked into the hall very nervously, The head teacher said Isabell what are you going to sing For us today, I said firework by Katy Perry. The head said good choice But before you start There is a guest Here to listen to you sing So a strange looking man walked through the door I thought in my head, He looks very familiar then I realised who it was he was a professional manager for many bands.he said who ever gets the lead in the school play, and if they are good I will give them a record deal. So then he said right lets here you sing.

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