Pink Balloon Day

For the Spring picture prompt comp :)


1. 1.

'Look Georgie, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, but they will know that you didn't mean it! Please stop over-reacting."

"Over-reacting? Are you crazy! You just ruined my life. Somehow, I'm just not feeling apologetic towards you Sam."

I snapped around and stormed back to the toilets, where I could sure find some peace and quiet. He was calling my name in the background, but I wasn't prepared to listen to anything he had to say.

"Hey Georgie, is it true that you called Lia a lesbian?"

"Georgie, how could you?"

"You're such a mean cow. In fact, I bet you're the lesbian."

Cruel taunts were surrounding me at every angle and I could find no escape. Rushing into the girls bathroom, I could feel tears tumbling down my face. I was only joking - I never expected Sam to repeat it. And now I have hurt so many people, powerless under the wrath of my stupid actions. After I had fixed my makeup, extra concealer to hide any signs of crying, I returned to my locker to find a pink sticky note taped to the front. Meet me in the park at six. The usual bench-S x

Idiot. He thinks a square of paper can make me forgive him? So naive. But just in case it worked out this time, I made a mental note not to forget.


Six arrived, and I strolled past the lake and over the hill. Ducks quacked in the distance, and seagulls swooped on the horizon. This route was imprinted on my mind, after so many times of returning. Whenever I felt down, Sam would be there. We had a telepathic way of thinking - pretty cool, huh?

"Georgie! Thank goodness you came - for a moment I thought you were going to ignore my note."

I am momentarily speechless by the ridiculous sight that greets my eyes. Sam is sitting on the rusty, yet traditional green park bench, with a bundle of pink balloons in his hand. "What's all this for?" I ask, puzzled.

"Come over here and I'll tell you." he says, and puts an arm around my waist as I sit alongside him.

"I realize that it hasn't been perfect all the way on our journey of love, but you have to appreciate that all relationships have their struggles. Hell, even the famous ones do! But I can understand why it might feel like the world is ending every time we fight or bicker, so I have thought up an idea of how we can get past this. Each balloon represents a fight we had, or a thing I did that annoyed you. Like today. I want you to pop them with this needle, and release all the bad feelings that were held inside."

"You're the best boyfriend ever." I say, stunned at how thoughtful this was!

I lean in to kiss him.

"I know." he murmurs into my hair, and all thoughts are lost in the moment. I now remember that day as the 'Pink Balloon' day, and no matter how badly it started, the ending was just divine.

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