That night.

It all started that night. The rain was falling down on Alice's window silently. It had never been silent before, and it never has been since. It shouldn't have been. If it hadn't been silent she might never have heard that noise. But if she hadn't heard that noise then we wouldn't have a story, and it all starts now.....


5. The warehouse

A young man walked up to an old abandoned warehouse. It had used to be a storage place for the factory next door, but since the factory had gone out of business, the place had gone derelict. Little did he know that entering it would be the last thing he would ever do whilst his mind was sane. He knocked on the door. He didn't know why as the place had been boarded up for years. He just did it as a precaution. As he knocked the door eerily swung open. It was as if someone had been here recently. He quickly banished that thought from his mind and replaced it with the thought that the lock had probably gone rusty and worthless. He did not even know why he was there, he was just drawn to it. It was almost as if there was someone inside of there, calling out to him. The man had recently lost his son in the disappearances and he was determined to find him. He thought that here would be as good a place to look as any. Little did he know how right he was. The warehouse was huge, at least the size of a football pitch. The man took a step inside, the door swinging shut behind him, his footsteps echoing around the large building.He called out,

"Hello? Is anybody there?"

He thought he heard a small, high pitched giggle, just like his son's. He called out again,

"Jamie? Jamie, are you there?" Jamie was his son's name.

He heard a drip, drip, drip coming from somewhere. 'Place must be leaking' he thought. He looked behind some boxes, covered with cobwebs and dust. He felt something run across his foot. He looked down and shuddered. He hated spiders. He looked inside the box and saw that it was full of them. They started rushing out at him, and he quickly thrust the lid on. He lay on top of it, trying to keep them inside. That was when he saw the most horrific sight he had ever seen.


The warehouse was not high, it was just large. Strung from the roof was something that you are not ready to know yet, reader. But I can tell you this, it was enough to drive a fully grown man insane at the pure sight of it. As soon as he saw it he let out a truly blood-curdling scream. It was the sort of scream the if you had been there, and assuming that you had a heart, you would have had goose pimples all over your body, and every single hair would have been standing on end. He stumbled out, and as soon as he was outside, he collapsed, sobbing uncontrollably into his hands. He then blacked out completely.


The next thing he knew, he was in hospital, in the mental ward and that was where he would stay for the rest of his life.

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