That night.

It all started that night. The rain was falling down on Alice's window silently. It had never been silent before, and it never has been since. It shouldn't have been. If it hadn't been silent she might never have heard that noise. But if she hadn't heard that noise then we wouldn't have a story, and it all starts now.....


2. Raining again

It was raining again. No-body could remember a time when it had not been raining. No-body knew why or how it started they just knew that it did. The constant torrents of water beating down on people and soaking them to the bone. It depressed everyone which made it hard to feel good about anything. Especially Alice. Even all of her old friends now thought she was a nut job. Her parents got abuse yelled at her through their window, people, even people they didn't know, told her that the only sane thing to do would be to send her to a mental home. No-one knew exactly what she did, but there were disappearances going on and everyone blamed her. Secretly, her parents half thought that it was her as well. It was one of those thoughts that only come to you for a second and then you banish them from your mind. Her parents were worried about her. But no-body knew what was really going on in her mind.

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