That night.

It all started that night. The rain was falling down on Alice's window silently. It had never been silent before, and it never has been since. It shouldn't have been. If it hadn't been silent she might never have heard that noise. But if she hadn't heard that noise then we wouldn't have a story, and it all starts now.....


4. Mother's point of view

I am scared. I'm more than scared, I'm petrified. The abuse is getting worse, today we have even had a brick thrown through our window. It almost hit me. I don't understand it, before it happened (what ever happened) everyone used to love Alice. She was always kind and helpful, she was clever and I could truly say that I was proud to be her mother. But now, I don't know. Everything changed over night. All our friends turned on us the night that Alice changed. They had no means of knowing that something had happened, let alone know what happened. They all say that they know but they can't. It's impossible. 


Alice isn't my daughter. Not anymore. The person she used to be was my daughter, but the girl in her bedroom isn't. No-body can understand how this feels for me, not even my husband. The only person who could know is Alice. But I have no means of talking to her anymore. It's almost as if a stranger has inhabited  her body, taking all her thoughts and killing everyone who loved her. Because that is what this is doing to me, it's killing me. Not quickly or easily. It's one of the slowest, most painful deaths ever. It's as if my heart is physically breaking, tiny fragment detaching them self from the main membrane and just floating until they dissolve into my skin. It is happening everyday and no one understands. No body can ever know how it feels to have someone who was so close to you disappear and a stranger in their body replace them. But no one and nothing can ever replace those happy memories I have of Alice. The feel of her sot hair, the smell of her clothes, slightly tainted with her perfume. Those I will take to my grave. Alice was not only my daughter but my best friend. She was the one I always turned to when I needed comfort, the one who knew me best. When she was growing up her father worked in the navy. On the day after Alice's 11th birthday we got a letter, the letter that held most fear that I have ever gotten. Alice's father was lost at sea. All I did when I got this letter was I collapsed. No cry of pain no tears. But I couldn't stand. I couldn't even move. 


Alice never lost faith though. And quite rightly as we would learn to find. Secretly, I never thought that I would see him again. The letter had said that there was hope for him, but I didn't believe. Alice did though. I think it was partly her faith that bought him back to us. It was her 13th birthday, the first really important birthday in our house. I had gotten used to being a widow, and had managed to get a very well paying job so I could get her all the presents she would have gotten with two parents. She was about to open her final present when we heard a knock on the door. She rushed to open it and I followed. When I saw that it was him I almost fainted. I stumbled across the hall to him. I forget what happened after that but I do remember that it was one of the happiest days of my life.


And that is how I remember Alice. Not the town loony but a sweet innocent girl who just loved her family. It's how I remember her now and it is how I will always remember her.

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