That night.

It all started that night. The rain was falling down on Alice's window silently. It had never been silent before, and it never has been since. It shouldn't have been. If it hadn't been silent she might never have heard that noise. But if she hadn't heard that noise then we wouldn't have a story, and it all starts now.....


1. It all started then.

It was raining outside, but then it always seemed to be back in that time. Alice was staring out of the window as she always seemed to do. It was all she ever did, just sat and stared at the house across the street. There was something different about her today though, she seemed tenser, less at ease. You could never move her, and the only times she did move were to scream as if in complete and utter agony, as if she was being tortured, as if there was a knife being driven into her side and there was nothing she could do about it. The other times were when her mother came and watched her, which was at one o-clock every day when Alice just got up, left the house and didn't come back for hours. She always seemed to be well fed after that time and she always seemed to be more at peace with the world, so her parents tended to think it was a good thing. Alice was hardly what you could call a child, she was 16 but all she did was sit there. Her mother and father had had to take her out of school. No-body knew what had happened, they just knew something had.


It had started 2 and a half years ago, on the eve of her 14th birthday. She came home and there was something different about her. She was subdued, she didn't eat or drink, she went straight upstairs mumbling something about feeling ill. When her mother came upstairs later to check on her, she was just sitting and staring over the road at the house opposite. She was looking at the children's bedroom. They were asleep but they were young so they still had their nightlight. They were sleeping, but the nightlight illuminated all of their sleeping bodies so you could see their every move. The next day Alice didn't go out until one o-clock exactly. She didn't say anything, she just walked out of the house and didn't come back for hours. Only I know what really happened when she went out, just as I am the only one who really knows what happened to her. But you are not ready to know reader of this, you shall be, but you are not. Only when you are quite ready shall I tell you and even then you will be shocked. And reader, it may be quite some time before you know all you need to know, and only when you know all you need to know, shall you truly know what happened to that poor young girl.

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