That night.

It all started that night. The rain was falling down on Alice's window silently. It had never been silent before, and it never has been since. It shouldn't have been. If it hadn't been silent she might never have heard that noise. But if she hadn't heard that noise then we wouldn't have a story, and it all starts now.....


3. Alice's point of view

Ugh, they're outside again. I hate them, telling my parents that the should take me to a mental home. They don't know me, and they don't know what I see. I know that that girl's boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend. I know that the woman across the road had sex with her gardener who got married last weekend. I know that that guy is taking drugs. No-body knows what I can see from my bedroom. It may not be in my sight but that doesn't mean that I can't see it.There are too many things that I can't say to anyone so I prefer just not to talk. It's simpler that way. I hate everyone and everything. My only friend is the rain. It's always there for me. See I can understand the rain, it talks to me. I can't tell anyone this though, they all think I'm mad enough anyway and I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they're right. The reason I know I am mas is I completely blank out for hours. It's the same time every single day,           one o-clock. It scares me. I don't move until then because I am afraid that if I do I will blank out again. I do things that I don't realize I do. Normally I would never hurt a fly, I physically couldn't. But I do things, I don't know what exactly but I do but I know I am dangerous. The reason I scare myself is because..... I think..... I think that I am the cause for the disappearances. I don't know what I do with the children, I just know I take them somewhere.

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