Just a simple walk in a unknown land

Just a simple walk


1. Well...

     There was a time, in a place, that no one has ever seen. The time is 906:44 and the place is Adanianas (All-den-burg). The Day was a day like no other, filled with rain and snow, mud and sand. All this time no one saw until the depths where unleashed. The unleashing was held on this special day, when a man walked on this place, at this time. His eyes where swollen, knees where weak, and bloodshot eyes. He took a minute and though to himself, where am I? He let out a gentle call, a scream to be true. As so as he did this, a set of water came flowing in his face.

      He saw a building filled with red, as he set he desire on that place for as he was dehydrated. He let out another sharp call, until the wind glistened. He managed to get to the door, for it was to heavy for him to lift. The blackness curled under his eyes and his face became highly pale. He managed to open the door, and took a step in. It was cold and dark with a small little couch and a box set of movies. He looked around to find a kitchen.


        He looked through a room and saw water bottles, he reached out as far as he could to take a sip. Soon his world got much smaller as he screamed for help, he tried to get out of this dark and gloomy house. Before he could he fell to floor, as he passed out. He managed to get up and realized it was all just in his head, a memory which he could not remember. He was calling for someone, but got no help so he lied there on that cold floor and soon fell asleep.

      The next morning he looked at the clock and has a strange look on his face, it was 363:45. “That can’t be right!” He called to himself. “Oh but it is.” Called a woman’s voice from the floor above she had a black and red dress on with a spider necklace. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, and a clean face. “Who are you!?” he called

“My name is Ansidia.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I own this house, But what are You doing here?”

“Oh...I’m sorry for intruding but I got dehyd-”

“No need to tell me your life story.”


“How did you fine this place?? Its forbidden.”

“My..um..plane..it crashed in the..um..ocean and I-”

“Hurry on with it.”

“I was the only one to survive.”

“Too bad.”


“Come with me..The master will have to see you.”




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