Just a simple walk in a unknown land

Just a simple walk


2. Its just begun

They started to walk out of the building to a great wall with a pull-and steel fence. 

“Do you know how to ride horses?” Asked Ansidia

“No.” He replied

“Well, you’re gonna learn today.”

They both got on a horse who was white with brown spots. They traveled off onto the cruel land he had found. 

     He stumbled with the horse for a few times, but eventually got to where they were going. The building glimmered and was white with almost fully covered with windows. He gulped “Don’t be scared young one, he can be very kind.” Ansidia announced.


“Yeah.. He can be a bit..angry sometimes.. so just don’t be rude okay?”


   They walked into the building and saw a check-in desk. Ansidia walked over to one of them and said “I would like to see the master.”

“I’m sorry only guards are aloud to do that.” The man replied

She grabbed him with some force that lifted him up by the neck

“Let me see the master!” she yelled

“Okay..Okay...let me open the door.”

“Thank you.”

The door opened up and she told the man to wait there, as she started talking to the man. He came out with a staff, he had white hair, with a huge beard. He has a sneer look on his face “Hello young man, Who are you?”

“Sir..I...um.. Don’t remember my name.”

“How could you forget your name!?”

“When the plane crashed I forgot most of my life, including my name.”

“Terrible. Ansidia this man is burning up, get his some water. 

“Right away sir.” She answered. She returned with a glass of water with a lemon inside.

      He started drinking it, but spilt it not to long after. “I..I’m sorry.” He spoke. “Its okay, you can change in the back.” Ansidia replied. “Thank you.” He turned around in a heap and left. “He’s such a poor soul.” The sovereign expressed. The bailiff was handing out tickets to get the baggage claim. Even know its a unknown land to man, who says they’re people? The man had changed within a heartbeat, he looked out the window before leaving and saw it was a dreary day. The king was waiting at the throne, as though if something was coming.. 

       “Young soul.” The king shared 

“Uh...yes sir?”

“Its quite sad..that you don’t remember your name...Lets give you one..how about Michael?”

“Thats..thats okay.”

“Good Michael..Now go eat with the rest of em.”

Michael further moved 

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