Just a simple walk in a unknown land

Just a simple walk


5. Deathly wish

Sweat was rolling down his face, as thunder clapped above him. Soon he fell of weakness, to alarmed to stand up, listening to voices in the distance. He could hear them just barely and knew he had to hide, making his way to the bushes. 

      The voices crept closer and he could vaguely see who it was, so he peeked a bit more over. It was the king! The king sounded a bit scarce in his voice “Where could he be? I just saw him at dinner.” “Do you think he tried to escape?” the royal guard asked. “What a foolish question, he doesn’t know yet.” He replied “What if one of the servants told him?” The guard thought, “Oh! We have to find him right away!” the king screamed and ordered him men to look for him. Michael ran straight to the boarding docks as fast as he could. 

      He met Maria there and someone who he hasn’t seen before. “Your here!” Maria Cried  “Uh yes I am.. who is she?” he asked  “Me? the woman asked “Yes..” he replied. “I am Talina.. I believe you have something of mine.” she responded “No..Maria..what is she talking about?”  he requested “First of all my names not Maria its Darin, second give her the book.” She angered. “So the whole thing about the King trying to kill me is a lie?”  He inquired “Yes..They where just trying to protect you.” Tanlia laughed. “Look for him! Its not safe!” He heard the king shout. 

       “Give us the book now!” Tanlia screamed “No! why would I?” He started off running “Don’t just stand there After him! Tanlia declared and Darin started running up after him. Michael darted faster and faster to a clearing in the river. He jumped over it faster to the castle, but Darin was far too close. He made it to the edge of the castle and asked the person to get in, the person didn’t recognize him and would not let him in. He tried around back, Locked. He saw a boat in the river and hopped on, faster and faster the boat went until he didn’t see the land and most of all, no Darin. 

     He ended at the creek, and saw a burned down building. He got out of the boat and pulled it ashore, he started walking around. Thinking to himself, he thought this must have been inhabited at one point. A man came from a distance holding a book in his hand, walked right up to Michael. “Hello young sir.” 


“This is Fire Island. Welcome...Come with me.”


“Don’t worry. I’m bringing you to the camp.”

    They walked far off to a camp, people huddled around the fire singing. “Hello!” A woman  said. “Another!” A man said. Voices where shouting all around him saying hello and their happy. “So young sir..I am John Anderson..I help these people, see a woman named Talina came here and destroyed their whole land. I came along and are trying to help them.. enough about me! I didn’t catch your name. what is it?”

“I don’t have a name..I mean the king gave me one.. Michael.”

“Okay then, Michael.. Lets get to the research lab.”

So, they went there.

      Chapter 2 The secret lab

    John and Michael walked over to the lab, a doctor was waiting outside. “John, I’m glad your here, I found something come in!” The doctor exclaimed. So, John went in “The numbers on the radar keep going up and down! Do you know what this means!?” She asked “No, doctor what?” He replied “It means that there is people are still alive!!” She shouted. “This is great!..Michael! is this great or what!?” “uh..sure..I.guess...” He responded

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