Just a simple walk in a unknown land

Just a simple walk


4. An scaring challenge

A servant was cleaning the chair he was sitting “Thank you...Uh. Maria?”

“Yes you said it right.”

“How come you work here?”

“I found out.”

“You found out what?”

“The unknown land.. here”

“What do you mean?”

“Get out of this place, right at the time 63:42 its in five hours.”

“The King-”

“Forget about the king he’s gonna snatch you up and make you his servant..Until he dies.” 

“How..how.. do I get out!”

“Make it to the boarding docks at 65:20 its before we have to leave. I’ll be waiting there with another.”

“Okay...I’ll get ready.”

He left in a hurry, for quite in time. It was 67:92, he still never understood the times, until he looked at the great big book sitting on the desk in the library. 











  63:42- Time to get out of forces  


it can be very confusing! Caution: Do not get into the hands of Talina!


^^^ That is the reading. He was confused at first, but he learned sooner or later. It was time, time to meet Maria and the stranger..

       He was troubled, for he didn’t know his way there and couldn’t remember where she said to meet. His mind was exploding, he was vaguely remembering his past. A dinner table he saw, a family was sitting, a mom, a pop, and a small child. He knew in the back of his memory who hey where, but could not remember in the front.

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