Something Borrwed, Something Used.

ashlee is a young girl who is best friends with Zayn Malik. her boyfriend Zach is very abusive so ashlee decides to break it off. she is getting a ride fro zayn when she kisses thing leads to another and then all hell breaks loose.


2. together as one

 We rode the rest of the way to Zayn's house in silence. We got to his house and he got out. I was left sitting in the car before he walked over and let me out.  He grabbed my hand as i got out. I was staring at the ground ashamed that i had kissed him. He told his free hand and lifted my chin with it. He looked in my eyes and then kissed me.

" Zayn what was that for? We can't do this your dating Perrie."

" Not anymore ." he said as he pulled out his phone dialing Perrie's number." Babe? Hello? Yeah we need to talk. I miss you too. Yeah,ummm errr...I don't know how to say this so i just am going to. I am breaking up with you. Yup. I'm sorry it had to end this way. Goodbye Perrie."

"Well then i guess your a single man now, Mr. Zayn Malik." He took my hand back into his and led me into his house.

"No i'm not."

"what do you mean"?

" My girlfriend is here with me about to be laying in my bed with while we watch a movie and i try to turn her on."

"Ohh, maybe i should go."

" No ashlee , your my girlfriend. I hope."

"Of course i will be."

"Well then 'babe' i am going to take a shower. Care to join me?"

"ehhhhhh i guess but no sex."

"Alright its a deal." Zayn and i walked upstairs to his bedroom and he got a shirt out for me. Not that i had any intentions of wearing it. Maybe i was ready to have sex with Zayn. Zayn and i walked into the bathroom and Zayn stripped his shirt off. Damn that boy was fit, and his tattoos......yummmm. He stripped down his pants and boxers and may i say i was amazed at how big he was. 

" Babe, a little help?" i asked wondering if he would assist me in unzipping my dress. He unzipped my dress and before it fell off he rubbed my shoulders and kissed my neck. As he finished leaving a couple love bites my dress fell to the floor of his bathroom.

" Damn girl I didn't realize you were so fit."

" Same here" We hopped into the shower and began to wash up. Zayn had dropped the soap and when he picked it up i caught him staring at my crotch.

"Babe  can you stop?" i asked him. He did but he came up from the bottom of the shower slowly and stared at me.

"What is wrong babe." i asked him.



"Spread your legs now." I hesitated but then did as i was told. I had forgotten that I had marks from the night before when me and  Zach had sex." Did he do this to you?"

"Babe please stop talking about it." i started tearing up thinking about how bad Zach had hurt me.

" Ashlee! Did Zach do this to you?" I nodded my head slowly as i started crying. He wrapped his arms around me as I lay my head on his chest. He kissed me on the cheek then jumped out of the shower.

"Babe....  Babe." I called after him but he ignored me. I jumped out of the shower and quickly got dressed. I chased after him and ran into the car.

" Ashlee. Get out of the car now."

" No babe, please don't do anything stupid." He kissed my forehead and then didn't seem to care that I was still in the car and he sped off. We reached Zach's apartment and Zayn stormed up to his room. He didn't knock he just barged in and tried looking for  Zach. He found him grabbed him by the shirt and punched him.

" BABE!!! Stop." I screamed. He continued to punch him.

"IF YOU EVER FUCKING TOUCH HER AGIAN I WILL FUCKNG CUT YOUR HANDS OFF AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU." He   screamed in Zach's face. I decided to put myself in danger stepped in between the to boys and Zayn pushed me out of the way. I fell to the ground. I was in so much shock that he had pushed me. Im sure he didn't mean to. Zayn punched him one last time and ran out the door with me behind him. We got into the car and I was crying. I looked at him. I couldn't talk I just stared at him. 

" I'm sorry." he said after a couple minutes of silence. I realized that he did notice that he pushed me down.

"It's okay..." he leaned over and gave me a kiss and we drove away. I noticed his hand was bleeding but he did not care he just worried about if he hurt me.












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