Something Borrwed, Something Used.

ashlee is a young girl who is best friends with Zayn Malik. her boyfriend Zach is very abusive so ashlee decides to break it off. she is getting a ride fro zayn when she kisses thing leads to another and then all hell breaks loose.


5. Punishment

 After Zayn and I had burst in on Harry and Lily, we heard it nonstop for a couple days

"You ass, I can't believe you did that. Me and Lily were finally going to have sex and you ruined it." Harry screamed at me.

" Well Harry you do have a nice body... Guess we know why now." Zayn and I burst into laughter while Harry and Lily sat there with evil looks on their faces. Then all of the sudden they both smiled at the same time and I could tell they had something planned. Lily and Harry said they both had to go and they left. I looked at Zayn.

" I think we need to change our locks." Zayn laughed at me."No I'm serious. They have something planned." Zayn stopped laughing  and grabbed his keys. We both ran to the car and got in. We sped off to the store. As we got in the store we started acting like little kids. We played with everything in sight. We had spent more than 2 hours at the store and haven't even gotten what we needed. We went and got the new lock and left the store. We were too late.

"Ummmm Babe?"

"Yeah Ash, whats up." He said as he walked into the room . We looked on the bed and it was covered in whipped cream. 

"Well I know what we're doing." Zayn said as he tackled me. We landed on the bed and started kissing. I flipped Zayn over so I was on top of him.

" It's my turn to beg you. Damn boy, you're fucking sexy when your british."

" But I'm british all the time."

" Thats the point." I said kissing him. I kissed him down his neck and then back up to his lips. I tugged at the bottom of his t-shirt and i think he got the hint because he separated from the kiss and pulled his shirt off and then he pulled mine off. I kissed his neck again and he let out a little moan. I kissed down his chest down to the hem of his boxers. He let out another small moan. I looked down and could see his bulge growing.

" You like when I do that don't you horny boy?" I couldn't take it anymore and I could tell he couldn't either. I ripped off his pants and his boxers to reveal a very fit, sexy, and horny Zayn Malik. He grabbed my ass and I could tell he wanted a piece of this. He ripped off my shorts and smiled once he saw my blue lace thong. He flipped me over so he was on top of me. He lifted me up and unhooked my bra and set it on the floor wit the rest of our clothes.

"Ash? You sure you ready to do this?"Zayn asked as he bit his lip.

"Yes." He kissed down on my neck leaving a couple love bites. I noticed the ones i had left were really dark and big and there were a lot. I started to giggle. He continued to kiss down my body, until he got to my thong. He ripped it off and smiled as if he was asking permission.I nodded and smiled back as he started. The moment i was waiting for for so long, but wasn't quiet ready for. He started in with long soft strokes,until I knew he couldn't take it. Before I could tell him anything he was entering two fingers into me and pumping in and out of me.I was going to cum soon and he knew that so he stopped and brought himself back up so we were face to face. 

"Babe, I need you in me now." He bit his lip and nodded.He grabbed a condom and slid it over his length. He entered me and I immediately knew that this is what I should be doing and this who I should be doing it with. He went faster and faster. Harder and Harder.My back arched while my hands were wrapped around his back and my nails digging in his skin. I hit climax and so did he and he fell limp next to me and just lay there. I wrapped my leg around his and fell asleep.

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