Something Borrwed, Something Used.

ashlee is a young girl who is best friends with Zayn Malik. her boyfriend Zach is very abusive so ashlee decides to break it off. she is getting a ride fro zayn when she kisses thing leads to another and then all hell breaks loose.


15. It's over

Its been 3 months since i found out about Harry being in the gang. Ever since then its been nothing but trouble.I was getting death threats and some of the threats were coming true. I was being followed and stalked..I was going to call it off. I loved harry but everything would have been so much better if Zayn was still here.Zayn. I missed him so much and I havent been to his grave in a while.I got up off the chair and walked to my car. I got in and drove to the cemetary and looked for Zayns grave plot. I looked down at the headstone and started crying.

" Zayn, Ive missed you so much. I moved on way to quick and it wasnt good. Ever since harry and I started dating its been nothing but trouble. Hes in a gang. So were you but you were always nice and gentle to me. Harry's always so rough and mean. I cant take it anymore. I'm leaving him and everyone else.. I need to be with you.I'll see you soon." I walked back to my car and got in. I drove back to Harrys place and wrote him a note.

It read

" Harry, i'm sorry we ended this way. I love you. I truly do but its in a brotherly way. I should have said no when you kissed me. I should have walked away when i found out that you were in a gang.I truly am sorry. I'll be with Zayn. Safe in his arms."

I put the note on the table and walked into the room.I grabbed a bottle of pills and poured about 15 into my hand.I took them all then laid on my bed. I grabbed a razor and hoped that this would make me die faster. I slit my wrists.I started to close my eyes and after that I didnt know what happened all i know is that i was dead.







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