Something Borrwed, Something Used.

ashlee is a young girl who is best friends with Zayn Malik. her boyfriend Zach is very abusive so ashlee decides to break it off. she is getting a ride fro zayn when she kisses thing leads to another and then all hell breaks loose.


4. I love him

I finally think Zayn was starting to realize that I loved him and I have since we first became friends. I could tell that he loved me too the way that he was all over me all the time. I really didn't mind. I kinda liked having someone there who loved me for once and someone who would protect me from everything. And the good thing about dating Zayn was that he was and is my best friend so he knows just about everything about me. I could tell him everything.

" Babe? You okay?" He asked me.

" Yeaah why wouldn't I be?"

" Idk I guess you just zoned out or something. But did you hear what I said?" I shook my head no."Go put on something pretty, we're going out to....." I got out of bed lazily and got dressed. I walked out of the bathroom in a nice short dress that made me look tan and some nice tan heels.

"Damn girl, I kinda wish that dress was on my floor rather than on you." Zayn said when he saw me. He was standing in the doorway in a nice tux.

"Damn boy, i wish that tux was over here next to me with the boy inside it kissing me."  I said and Zayn walked over to me and kissed me. 

" Lets go.We'll miss our reservation." We got into the car and left. We arrived at the restaurant and sat down and ate. After we left the restaurant we stopped to Harry's house. Zayn didn't knock he just entered the house. We couldn't find Harry but we thought we heard him. All of the sudden we heard Lily scream.

"Harry. I'm close."

"Me too babe." We turned the corner and saw Lily and Harry getting hot and heavy on the sofa. Zayn and I burst into laughter and ran around the corner.We decided to screw with Harry. I ran back around the corner up to the sofa and started moaning.

" AHHH Harry, I'm close babe. Harder, Harder." I ran back to where Zayn was and he was gone.

"You ass."Harry said as he came running after me.

"UMMMM, Harry?"


"Your umm, package is showing." Harry ran away and Zayn ran out of the room and pointed to the car as we both ran to the car and sped off. We were halfway home as we burst into laughter.

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