Something Borrwed, Something Used.

ashlee is a young girl who is best friends with Zayn Malik. her boyfriend Zach is very abusive so ashlee decides to break it off. she is getting a ride fro zayn when she kisses thing leads to another and then all hell breaks loose.


1. Break up song.

  " When i'm gone, when i'm gone, your gonna miss me when i'm gone." I sang as I prepared to break up with my boyfriend of two years , Zach. He was an abusive boyfriend and hurt me alot. He only used me for sex. He didn't really love me.

" Babe??" Zach screamed from the other room.

" Shit he's home early from work". I screamed back worriedly that i would be in there i a moment. I called Zayn and told him my plan and asked if he could pick me up. He said he would so we said our good byes and hung up. If Zach knew anything about Zayn both me and Zayn would be very hurt right now. I felt two strong hands grab my waist and spin me around. i was face to face with the devil himself. I could feel him breathing down on me and i knew he want to have sex. He was being strangely nice to me. He lifted my chin and I knew what he was going to do. i started sobbing. He kissed me softly at first,then he kissed alittle harder. Before i knew it he was begging for entrance for his tongue in my mouth. I allowed not wanting him to suspect  anything.  

" Baby, stop messing with me and let me in." He whispered into my ear. i denied and broke away from the kiss. 

" Babe, can I talk to you?" I asked scared of his response.

" Sure."

" Babe this isn't hurt me. whether we are having sex or just cuddling. I mean look..."  I paused lifting my dress and showing him the mark  he left from last night." See what you do. I cant take it anymore." I said as tears poured from my eyes." I'm sorry " i said to him before grabbing my things and leaving. Zayn was waiting outside leaned up against his car.

"hey babe. What's wrong?" he said kissing my cheek and helping me into the car.

"nothing can we just not talk about it." I said climbing in to the car. We got in and Zayn started talking about Perrie, his girlfriend. Thats when it happened. I just leaned over in the seat and kissed him. He didn't refuse. i climbed over the seat and straddled his lap while we had a hot make out session. I could tell he wanted to go farther because he started to unzip my dress. I told him to stop but he continued.

"Babe stop i'm not ready." i whispered in his ear giving him a gentle kiss on his cheek while i climbed back to my seat. 


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