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Emiko and Chris has been a couple for years, and their happiness seems to be endless. Then suddenly, Chris is hurt in a car crash, while Emiko meets a guy named Jared. Will Chris ever get back to normal, and will she ever get the ring?


3. On the way home

Emiko opens her eyes. It’s like she’s waking from a deep beauty sleep, and she yawns. She looks around. She recognizes the white clinic-alike room. Her left shoulder hurts. Like some hammer keeps hitting her shoulder. She looks at her shoulder, and sees some white bandage. The tattoo is hidden, and she didn’t even get to see it? Damn. She moves away from the chair, but her legs can’t keep her standing, and she falls. Right into a strong couple of arms. He helps her stand up, and the crooked smile is back.

“Sure you okay?” The perfect smell hits Emiko’s nose. She was just so close to his muscular chest. She looks into his dark eyes, and they sparkle a bit.

“I’m very fine thank you. My legs must’ve been sleeping,” she answers, while she blushes a bit. How is it possible to be so awkward?

“Fits the rest,” he says and nods. “You actually fell asleep holding my hand. Even though I finished the tattoo and laid the bandage, you were all gone. You seem to be a deep sleeper,” Jared smiles, which just makes Emiko even more nervous. Her head is dizzy, his smell is all over her, and she just slept. She slept with his hand in hers. Amazing how calm she is with him. But wait. Did she sleep with her mouth open? Does she have the morning-breath? Her brain starts to work as a true teenagegirl’s, only worrying, and she gets very busy looking at everything but him. Of course he figures it out. So he puts a hand at each of her cheeks, to hold her head, and keep the eye contact. It sends lightnings through her skin, into her brain, and she shivers in satisfaction. Will he kiss her? If she says please?

“I’m talking to you,” He says, astonished, looking right into her eyes. His eyes seem a bit worried, but also a bit amazed of this whole situation, with some random girl who can’t even keep herself at consciousness. Emiko takes a deep breath. Her heart beats extremely fast, she gets all warm. She leans a bit closer to him, smiles and whispers;

“Then talk.”

Her quiet voice is mend to be sexy, to entice him. But it’s not as planned, so he just takes his hands down, and looks at her. Then he leans forward, closer, closer, and she can feel his breath. She opens her mouth slightly, and the smell, the amazing, marvelous smell surrounds her. His mouth is all close to her ear now, and she closes her eyes.

“I’m done,” he whispers, and she stands still, expecting him to continue, or kiss her. Touch her. But as she opens her eyes, she’s alone in the room, wondering if he was actually there. The air is free, she’s all alone in a white room, and her best friend is waiting at the reception. What a strange day..

“I thought we’ve were supposed to get navel piercings,” Caroline says disappointed, as they walk away from the shop and on their way home. They both got their papers and instructions about ‘how to have a healthy navel piercing or tattoo’. Jared was nowhere to see.

The sentence ‘so did I’, crosses Emiko’s mind, but she lets it go. She touches the white bandage secretly. It’s all wrapped up, but gentle and sweet, like a cherry blossom. Does it smell? She puts her head as close to her shoulder as possible, and sniffs… But gets disappointed. There’s no perfect smell. Her mood falls several degrees. Imagine that she could have a piece of him with her home..

“What the freak are you doing?,” Caroline says, and looks with wide open eyes at Emiko. “Did you just smell your own shoulder?”

Emiko blushes, and looks into the ground.

“Well.. It’s a lotus flower.. I would just check if it smelled like one.. I’ve never smelled one before,” Emiko says, and is embarrassed of both her own stupid behavior, and her answer.

“Oh god, you must still be half sleeping huh? That tattoo-guy must’ve been really hard on you.”

Emiko’s head gets all red. ‘hard on you’? No misunderstanding? Wow.. But wish he would’ve.

“What is wrong with you today?” Caroline asks, without expecting and answer. She keeps talking on the bus trip home, but Emiko just nods sometimes. She’s all caught up in thoughts. Just imagining IF Jared had touched her the way she wanted..

“And wow, what will Chris even do when he hears that you just decided to get a tattoo out of nothing? You haven’t even said anything to him,” Caroline continues, and for some reason, Emiko’s brain is suddenly awake again.

“CHRIS?! Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god,” Emiko says, just a bit too loud for a bus trip. Her brain is working fulltime just to remember him all clear. Chris. Her boyfriend. They might get engaged soon. She lives with him. Has no kids. She LOVES him. Jesus. What is she supposed to say? ‘Hi Chris, I just went to the city with Caroline and I were supposed to get a navel piercing because you like them so much, but instead I decided to meet some extremely hot guy, forget everything about you and get a tattoo. It was so much fun! Love you.’ No way. Just no way.

“Off you go,” Caroline smiles and winks for Emiko to leave the bus at her spot.

Emiko walks out of the bus with her black ‘Persuit’ handbag, and waves at Caroline who takes the next spot. Emiko wonders if she should take the next train to Italia and become an illegal worker, but decides that it must be better this way. She drags her legs on the way to her and Chris’ apartment…




So what do you think of it until now? Is Jared cute or annoying? What is wrong with Emiko, and what will Chris say? DOES lotus flower tattoo's actually smell?

It's a bit of a short chapter, and it's kinda crappy I know, but I promise the next thing will be better :i Thanks <3


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